NSPanel Pro Matter Hub Issue

eWeLink app itself has a Matter controller if all of your Matter hubs go offline, the phone app will take the control.

Do you mean the timeout of your phone? or NSPanel Pro?

Still that 30003/30005 error? Which device you were trying to add may I ask?

It’s about the phone. When you turn off the screen backlight. the phone goes to sleep. During sleep Android limits the data transferred in the background. In the smartthings app they have now introduced a function that the screen is always on while using the app.

i tried sengled plug because it was working before , also I tried zigbee matterbridge , those two were working very well before .

Today i upgrade app to 5.7 and nspanel to 3.2.0 , still unable to add any matter devices

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i found something wrong with latest update 3.2.0 for nspanel pro , try to reset device after upgrade and it will revert back to 3.1.0 , so the latest update 3.2.0 is not applied correctly and the app frequently asking to update matter to latest , @ward @yitie kindly try it , after updating nspanel pro to latest version give it a try and reset the panel , it will revert back to 3.1.0

the latest update for nspanel pro 3.2.0 is not applying correctly , if I reset the panel it revert back to 3.1.0 , I even tried to update to latest version before connecting to my account to test separate , after apply reset it also go back to 3.1.0

you mean reset in nspanel pro menu. My panel works after updating to v3.2.0.

try to reset the panel , give it a try , it shouldn’t go back to 3.1.0

can you add matter devices after you update it ?

even after disconnecting the power, the panel starts normally.
I only noticed that matter devices are often offline.
the SNZB-02D sensor is also often offline.
I noticed an increase in memory usage. the longer the nspanel is turned on, the gradual memory begins to fill up.
I had the devices added before the update.

I will check

3.2.0 only covers the core app part, that’s why it would revert to 3.1.0 after factory reset.

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@ward after removing the matter device from the ewelink application. the device cannot be added again. error 30003 is still there.

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Can you please tell me what devices you tried? And which app/NSPanel Pro version did it work?

i always force quit app and toggle airplane mode whenever i want to test , some times also i reboot the panel to make sure all goes clean to pair

why its not doing the simple ota process , whenever there is update it should just simply appear , why this work around ? cant get update if got screen saver on ?

I am testing the bulb now (zemismart ZML2). On the eWeLink 5.6.0 app and nspanel pro 3.1.0 the bulb worked.

On ewelink 5.7.0 and nspanel pro 3.2.0 you can’t add a bulb. Error 30003

I restarted: router, bulb, smartthings station, Nspanel Pro, phone.
The error still occurs.

That’s odd, I just tested a Wiz and succeeded at my first try.

let me get to our dev and see if we need to do extra compatibility work for the Zemismart bulb.

Have you submitted log from your NSPanel Pro? Please DM your device ID