NSPanel Pro shows different values from the same source

The Zigbee T&H sensors paired with it transmit readings which are then sent to other devices correctly. On the home screen of the NSPanel Pro, the readings update. However, on the tiles they do not update until a restart is performed. The picture below shows readings from the same sensor. Same sensor, different values displayed.
By the way, I ask: why can’t I display the temperature reading from the internal NSPanel sensor in NSPanel Pro if I can use this sensor in the Thermostat option configuration in NSPanel Pro? Why this strange limitation? After all, I can show the temperature readings from the TRVZB on the tiles.

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@ward Anything?

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Of course. Silly me. Thank you for your kind reminder :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know if there is an API command that wakes up the nspanel pro screen?

In the eWeLink app you can set a scene to wake up. But I would like to do it locally in node-red.

Nothing useful there?

Raise a ticket via the PANEL should be the proper way to get supported, we will help to accelerate the issue addressing path while direct talk to or push the dev team if you notify me or Ward.

I’d like to put some words in this thread,
I have noticed that your posts in the forums often have an overly playful or teasing tone. We encourage clear and constructive communication and welcome any useful suggestions to improve eWeLink services. However, I strongly oppose excessive playfulness or ridicule, if you continue to do so, we will have no choice but to suspend your ID or even ban it in order to avoid similar incidents.

I think this is the first time I’ve seen such a comment from an eWeLink staff, as a user for almost 5 years.

Please have a minimum of respect for the development team of this service, no matter what country or region they are from, if you don’t like their service and product, or even think what they are offering is crap, just walk away…

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There are many people who seem to confuse a community forum with social media. It is not the same thing.
I take part in several forums of other manufacturers/ecosystems and many of the posts on this site here would be flagged, by other members or community supervisors, as irrelevant and lacking respect.
Hopefully some contributors will take notice of @yitie 's post.

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The atmosphere on the forum has deteriorated significantly after the December work on launching Matter Bridge in Ihost. It was a difficult and busy period for everyone. After the New Year’s break, there was a great change in the relations between ewelink and sonoff employees and between us, customers of your products. We were completely forgotten. Support did not respond to reports at all. It was impossible to find out anything on the forum. Support and help in creating the ewelink cube has dropped to zero. We are also tired of buying a product for a lot of money. IHOST, which was supposed to be a breakthrough smart home device. Unfortunately, after 18 months, it still lacks basic functions. We are very disappointed with this situation. The worst thing is that this is not the first time we have been misled and encouraged to buy a product that is still not 100% functional.

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@jam3 Come on, it’s not worth it! We all know what pebbles look like…

Sometimes I also have a lot to say but I bite my tongue.
You provided useful information, so it will be a minus for the community if you get banned!!!

A little dark humor from time to time, I think it will be acceptable, but there is no point in stressing too much! You know it won’t change anything except getting a BAN…



People are very dissatisfied with many things that your company does or actually does not do.
Dissatisfaction, frustration, simple nerves and disappointed hopes… and constantly unfulfilled promises.

People who have been on the forum for a long time and are users of Sonoff/eWeLink products are slowly fed up with certain things and being treated like children.

It is known that there are no miracles and there will be no miracles because product development takes time and sometimes brings new problems, but if you look at the last 12-18 months, it is like ping-pong between your customers and your company in many matters.

Maybe it’s time to compromise and approach people with a plan that will take their needs into account in a more sensible way.

It cannot be that a problem has not been solved for many months or even years and with each update nothing is done about it, only minor things are added.

People do not notice the progress of work, although I believe that you have a lot of work that is not visible at first glance.

I suggest everyone approach the situation like adults and take a 5-minute break and count to 10… There is no point in banning anyone, you can solve everything with a civilized conversation!



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Thank you for consistently pointing out issues and providing feedback in a straightforward manner. I have indeed noticed these concerning phenomena, particularly the imperfections and instability of iHost, as well as the various issues that have arisen with each version update. These have caused frustration, doubt, and complaints among our users. Staffs as moderators of this forum especially the development team are well aware that we are still quite far from meeting user expectations. Please believe that we haven’t turned a blind eye or tried to evade these issues, though I acknowledge that our communication with you has been insufficient.

Prior to eWeLink CUBE V2.0, in my view, we underestimated the complexity of development and the time required for thorough testing to ensure stability. We were eager to provide more features in beta form, hoping users would see the potential and possibilities of this service. However, I must admit that we made mistakes. Therefore, yesterday’s V2.0 update focused more on improving the overall architecture and certain modules, as Ward mentioned in his post HERE.

Furthermore, I am acutely aware of the Matter pairing and stability issues you’ve encountered. You are always welcome to discuss, exchange ideas, or even voice your complaints to me. I have been continuously pushing for improvements in Matter compatibility and stability. However, I kindly ask for your understanding that, as a new protocol, the CSA alliance and tech giants like Apple and Google often optimize or modify certain aspects of the protocol without prior notice, leading to various issues in previously functioning modules.

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I understand and take all the dissatisfaction and complaints, and I’m open to any honest communication that is free from discriminatory undertones. We’re not people who can’t take a joke.
You’ve likely seen me and my colleagues frequently on the forum - when have we ever argued with users who point out our problems candidly or even harshly?
The reality is that everyone’s issues and requests are different, and they all deserve our investigation, fix, and consideration. We don’t want anyone to feel that we’re overlooking their concerns. Therefore, when we’re uncertain about implementation, we can only say that we’re considering it without providing a definite timeline. I believe you’ve also noticed that we’ve been gradually developing and deploying many valuable suggestions. Of course, there are still many important tasks awaiting completion.

However, repeated comments that are mocking or contain national or regional discrimination are a different matter entirely. In such cases, I must issue warnings and, if necessary, request that the admin take action.


Oh, man, why are you keep doing so?

@jam3 @yitie

I agree that any shift towards nationality should not take place!
At the same time, I understand the dissatisfaction of some people!

Can we end this unpleasant incident once and for all?!
New hand, clean start from now on ok?

Let’s focus on what’s important.