NSPanel Pro shows different values from the same source

The Zigbee T&H sensors paired with it transmit readings which are then sent to other devices correctly. On the home screen of the NSPanel Pro, the readings update. However, on the tiles they do not update until a restart is performed. The picture below shows readings from the same sensor. Same sensor, different values displayed.
By the way, I ask: why can’t I display the temperature reading from the internal NSPanel sensor in NSPanel Pro if I can use this sensor in the Thermostat option configuration in NSPanel Pro? Why this strange limitation? After all, I can show the temperature readings from the TRVZB on the tiles.

@yitie Any hints? Ideas?

Let’s move on here,

Which zigbee T&H sensor of that? i will try mine with the same model.

I’ll need to check further with the dev team on the data update issue, it could be a compromise to reduce the increase in power consumption due to frequent requests to the device, but the home screen updating while the tiles don’t doesn’t make much sense to me either.

Just my opinion, the sensors inside the NSPanel would heat up to varying degrees depending on the load being carried, so it doesn’t make much sense, at least to me.

There is a problem with zigbee devices in Nspanel v.3.2. I have added the SNZB-02D, SNZB-02P, ZBMICRO sensor. After adding devices (SNZB-02P, ZBMICRO), after about an hour the devices are displayed in nspanel and the ewelink application as offline. in node-red the sensor reports temperature changes normally. ZbMicro in node-red shows device state changes.

All my T&H sensors are SNZB-02P. Some are paired with NSPanel Pro, some with HA ZHA. They report regularly. Problematic are the NSPanel Pro tiles. The T&H readings are not updated for hours. The readings on the main screen are, as expected. In this way you can see different values from the same source, as on the picture provided. It’s something new, and it was introduced with the latest firmware. At least that’s what I think, because I hadn’t noticed these discrepancies before.

True, but it can be used to show the ambient temperature of a room. Since it is already in NSPanel, why not use it if someone finds it useful? I use the NSPanel internal sensor reading in HA helper to automate the roller shutters in the kitchen, for example.

In my case, this doesn’t show up. Connections are stable even though the Zigbee channel occupancy is sometimes high. In your case, it is probably due to an unstable connection. Have you tried repositioning the ZBMICRO or adding a routing Zigbee device?

Devices are within 10 cm of nspanel pro from the very beginning

I moved the NSPANEL PRO with the temperature sensor to a room where there are no other zigbee devices. I paired it again. After about an hour the problem appeared. The SNZB-02P sensor is offline again.

Indeed, it is strange. In what condition is the battery in the SNZB?

The battery is 100%.
zbmicro device also keeps going offline.

This is confirmed as a bug, the dev team have fixed and will be released with other updates and fixes in next release, thank you for the feedback.

This can only be used to roughly represent a small range of ambient temperatures for NSPanel itself, and is still affected by relay heating, which in my opinion would be confusing for users, so the sonoff team chose not to make it for public use.

Are you mapping the sensors to NSPanel Pro? by paired them to iHost first and then bridge them to the NSPanel Pro via the Matter?

That would be cause unstable for unknown reasons considering the Matter Bridge for iHost and the Matter Hub for NSPanel Pro are still in Beta stage both as the discussion here.

Sensors are directly added to Nspanel pro.

I even have Paral-sync removed in IHOSt

I also don’t have any virtual devices added to nspanel pro.
( I remember there were problems in nspanel pro 3.0 with virtual devices added in node-red.)

I have only 3 zigbee devices added to nspanel pro (SNZB-02D; SNZB-02P; ZBMICRO) and matter devices

All right. Good to know it is not my imagination :slight_smile:

So inserting an internal temperature sensor in the NSPanel was a design error, yes? From my observations, the discrepancy between the measurement from the NSPanel and the external sensors in the room is not large and is about 1~2 degrees. Of course, you have to assume that the external sensors are accurate. But OK, your argument is convincing.

I don’t know the exactly thougts of SONOFF team, but for me, at least,

There will be a new firmware expecte to release on July 22, let’s check again by then.

Surely I will. Thanx.

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I bought the NSPanel Pro when it was released and I also have many problems with end devices becoming offline… After more than one year trying to improve this problem, I gave up.

I moved to iHost.
It has other problems, but not losing conection with the end devices.