Problem with SNZB-02D

Hello I have a problem with the temperature sensor SNZB-02D. I have connected it via zigbee bridge, it’s working properly in the app and in scenes, but its indication doesn’t appear neither the insight menu, neither in Nspanel pro. I also use a SNZB-02 connected with the same bridge, and its’ working perfect. Both indications of temperature and moisture appear and in insight menu, and in nspanel.

Any idea?

Readings from more than one sensor cannot be displayed, regardless of the number of sensors. Only one sensor can be selected from the list. None of the Sonoff ecosystem devices allow anything else. The NSPanel, which has a built-in sensor, cannot display readings from its own sensor and an external sensor at the same time, even though there is plenty of space on the screen to present the data.
Some time ago I wrote to eWeLink (ticket) about this, suggesting that this should be changed. Perhaps a rotating display of the readings would solve this problem?

Yes I know that, but it doesn’t even appears in the list, so i can choose only this.

It means that your SNZB-02D is not connected. Do you see a Zigbee signal icon?

Screenshot 2024-01-15 033532

If you don’t, give the SNZB-02D another try.

I think you didnt understand me. The device is connected properly in ewelink in the main menu and in scenes menu. I can use it for scenes or for notifications.
The only problem is that it didnt give me the chance to use it as main detector in the insight menu, or in the ns panel pro menu (Ns panel has a temperature monitoring from a device in the main screen).It is not apperaring in the list where you can choose detector device.

I see. It’s weird. I have no problem with selecting in NSPanel, NSPanel Pro and eWeLink app.