Snzb 02d temp sensor won't pair

I’m trying to pair an 02D and it won’t have it at all, i have the sonoff zigbee hub and ewelink app, all my other devices pair just fine, i put this into pairing mode even next to the hub and it won’t take. Would that be a faulty unit?

How many devices are already paired with ZB Bridge? Does it have the latest firmware?

Only 9 total on there and yes its got the latest firmware, I’m holding in the button for 5 seconds, the pairing symbol flashes for 30 seconds as expected but it just won’t connect, have reset the hub, have tried to pair it next to the hub, i guess next is remove battery from sensor to reset but its brand new.

It works sometimes; If it still won’t pair, you may better contact Sonoff for support

Am having the same problem.

Just picked up a new SNZB-02D and can’t get it paired with my ZBBridge Pro.

Have tried different (brand new) batteries and multiple pairing attempts - still no success.

Am able to successfully pair the SNZB-02D with my iHost but not my ZBBridge Pro.

When trying to add it to the ZBBridge Pro, the pairing icon on the SNZB-02D changes from blinking to solid after 3-5 seconds - but the app does not pick up any new devices for the ZBBridge Pro. The icon on the SNZB-02D remains solid as if it is paired - but it does not appear in the app.

Ended up pairing through smartthings but not ewelink

If that works for you, great.

But I have everything on the Ewelink app, so would like to keep it there.

And I would expect that everything in the Sonoff universe should work together - and not us end users having to find work-arounds to get things to work

Interesting phenomenon: After restarting my ZBBridge Pro (power cycling) I was able to add the SNZB-02D without problems. So now everything works as expected.

@dave_sw1 : Have you tried that?

So I still can’t get it on Ewelink and i need it on there as i want to link a few TRVs to it i’ve pulled the battery out, i’ve disabled 5ghz on the router , reset the bridge everything, I just can’t get it to pair and yet smarthings it will pair right away, frustrating

never mind, I figured it out, rather than opening the ewelink app and clicking add a device, I went in to the bridge icon on the app and added it to the bridge if that makes sense