Not possible to pair SONOFF SNZB-02D with SONOFF iHOST

In order to avoid issues I bought componenets indicated as compatible on sonoff website.
I have a SONOFF iHOST with eWeLink CUBE Version
1.11.0 and several sensors SNZB-02D and ZBMINIL2.

No problem to pair all ZBMINIL2 even if they are away from iHOST.
Unfortunately pairing do not recognize SNZB-02D (even close to iHOST).
Process to pair sensors and switch is the same, unfortunately that’s not working for sensors.

I tries to pull out battery and retry dozens times but no way to pair.

Can you help please ?

I suggest creating a ticket or sending information via the ewelink app. It will be faster than the forum…

Thanks I will try to find ticket section