SONOFF iHost automation

Hey guys, I’ve got my iHost days ago, yesterday I found a video on youtube and followed it to try the Node-RED add-on, it’s really useful and fun.Just here to share with you.

the video link is here: SONOFF iHost: Create automations using Node-RED - YouTube

I have a sonoff DW2-wifi door sensor, I use it to turn my light on when I’m back home at night,
and I will receive an email notification if the door is opened during the day.
(the video above shows the detailed process)

I’m still exploring more uses, if you have any good idea, share with me!

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You received it so quickly, mine has not yet arrived

Do all your devices appear in the iHost? Only about 20% of mine appear and not a single eWeLink Zigbee device. And in the opposite direction the one local Zigbee device does not appear in eWeLink.

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do you have other zigbee bridge that pair with your zigbee devices? you need to reset the zigbee devices and pair them with iHost.
for WiFi devices you need to install the eWeLink Smart Home add-on under docker menu.

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The docker is installed. Impossible to move my Zigbee devices over to the iHost because they control eWeLink devices and most of them don’t appear. Even a POW Origin that arrived in the same parcel as the iHost doesn’t appear.
If it were a docker problem none of them would appear and not a small percentage.
Similarly the iHost itself appears in eWeLink but not the Zigbee door/window sensor attached directly.
It’s disappointing how badly it works. I’ve literally not been able to do anything with it because so little appears I can’t migrate over to it.


The current zigbee device types and protocols supported by eWeLink CUBE are shown here:

At present, we are also developing compatible Addon to support more non-standard zigbee devices. It will be updated to some beta tester this week, and to all users in May. If you have unsupported zigbee devices at present, you can feedback to us(Product type , brand and model), and we will confirm whether they are in our compatible update list later.

As for SONOFF’s wifi device support by LAN, most of them will be available in June. Here is a list of support and a schedule of support dates:

– All local data will not be uploaded to the cloud, so of course, zigbee devices connected to iHost will not be synced to the eWeLink app


These are all Sonoff devices on that list.

For example, should a Sonoff door/window sensor attached to the iHost appear in eWeLink on my phone? It doesn’t.

And in reverse I have lots of Sonoff Basic R2 connected to wifi and in my eWeLink account. One of these appears on the iHost but won’t sync and none of the others. Surely a Sonoff Basic R2 attached to my eWeLink account should appear? I can control them from my phone using local mode.

I even added a Sonoff POW Origin (wifi obviously) from the same parcel as the iHost to my eWeLink account and it hasn’t been shared to the iHost.

I have lots of Sonoff Zigbee sensors (eg. Motion) but can’t move them to the iHost because they trigger heaters that do not appear on the iHost.

The one that is controlled by Zigbee (Sonoff Zigbee Mini) is there because it helps me create a strong Zigbee network, so I can’t move just it. I’d have to move all of them at once and I can’t.

“eWeLink Smart Home“ addon can only support j to connect WiFi devices in LAN mode to iHost. So if you have it installed, your Sonoff Basic R2 and POW on the same LAN as iHost can be synced into iHost. For the installation and use of Addon, please refer to here: - If you still cannot add these two models of products to iHost, please contact us and we will help you complete device synchronization.

SONOFF’s WiFi window sensor, however, does not currently connect directly to iHost because it is a low-power device that does not support intra-LAN communication

When you say ‘trigger heaters’ that can not appear on the iHost, what do you mean? Could you please provide specific product types, brands and models?

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It’ is a Zigbee Doow/Window sensor, not a wifi or RF one. It connects to the iHost fine. It’s not then shared to my eWeLink account as it should be.

The electric heater near the front door is operated by a Sonoff Basic R2. It it turned on by a Sonoff Zigbee Motion Sensor.

Another electric heater sits (Sonoff Basic R2 controlled) near the window where the door/window sensor lives does not appear. I would like to set up a scene on the iHost whereby opening the window turns off that heater.

Let me clarify a little bit, the iHost is entirely a localized platform for you, not dependent on or related to the eWeLink Cloud. We have made the eWeLink smart home add-on in order to allow users to synchronize wifi devices that have been added to the eWeLink account, but only those that support LAN mode.
The local devices added to iHost will not be synced to the cloud at all, whether they are wifi devices or zigbee devices.

Why are Zigbee Sevices that are connected to the iHost not also shared with eWeLink so that they can trigger devices not compatible with the iHost and so the device status cannot be seen by the user when they are not at home? That makes no sense. Can you even send a message from them or even a webhook? I could connect a webhook to Olisto and at least be notified.

Also Sonoff Basic R2 do have local mode but do not appear. Ditto my NS Panel has local mode but do not appear and my new POW origin. They all have local mode and I can control them locally using my phone if I disconnect the internet connection. Why are they not there?

Edited to add: this is impossible.
“ The local devices added to iHost will not be synced to the cloud at all, whether they are wifi devices or zigbee devices.”
If you look to add wifi devices to the iHost there is no option. Only Zigbee devices can be added directly. If you click to add devices the only options are to add Zigbee, groups and cameras. There is no option to add wifi devices. The only option I have seen is to add devices to eWeLink and sometimes they will be added to the iHost, but often not.

As I mentioned, if Sonoff Basic R2 and NSPanel have LAN mode, and you’re sure they’re on the same LAN as iHost, but can’t find them and add them - we’ll help you out because there must be something wrong, don’t worry about that - we’ll PM you step through it.

Regarding the issue of zigbee devices connected to ihost not being synced to the eWeLink App, yes - it was designed that way, and it is clearly stated on the page that devices connected to local servers will not be synced to the cloud (including eWeLink). This is because as a local server, it can also access various devices of many other brands, and these data are not suitable for transfer to the eWeLink cloud server.

Hey eerke, please check your massage box.

I had thought about “device” would not include your own sensors. It has a security tab. If I am not at home do you not think people would like to be alerted if the alarm is triggered or the door has been opened? I can understand not wanting to share devices from other manufacturers but not Sonoff’s own security devices.

How about a one way link to Olisto? That would allow notifications to be sent without harming the device security, which incidentally should include 2 factor authentification. Other devices on the LAN aren’t necessarily secure. My understanding is that you are using ESP32 chips and they have a built in security key to enable secure boot, so you could allow 2FA using authentication apps and USB security keys. You even have a USB Type A port (pretty sure I’ve seen a diagram where it is connected to the ESP32 directly. Only allowing log in when a USB -A Security (FIDO2) key is attached would seem relatively simple. USB type A security keys are relatively cheap. It’s once you start wanting NFC and USB Type-C where the price goes up.

It’s the eWeLink phone and web app itself that would also need Authentication App and NFC two factor authentication. And it does need that before your password database gets hacked.or maybe just a push notification to the App with a code like Apple gets away with? Suspect that’s as good.

Edited to add; I think maybe I misremembered the circuit diagram and the USB-A is connected the the CPU and not the ESP32. Maybe those chips have their own security key for two factor authentication? Don’t remember what chips they are so can’t google it.

If I can’t add devices on the current working list to the iHost the IHost is nearly pointless to me. Most of my devices are controlled by Sonoff Basic R2 but not 1 works. 2 appear in the docker Web UI but fail to Sync every time I ask it to.

Just to be aware in the link you sheared is not a WiFi sensor is ZigBee, in list of node-red devices. The Wifi sensors will be implemented sometime in june, if I a remember right!

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All true, but perhaps this can be changed by mapping scenes from iHost to the eWeLink cloud.

Hello. how to add a condition to this automation so that it checks if I have light NR1 and light NR2 on after motion detection.
if the lights (NR1 and NR2) are off, then the NR3 light turns on


You can do it using the Function. You need to use the “context” (Working with context : Node-RED) as local memory to save the state of inputs. Here an example separating the messages by topic and making an AND gate:

var topic = msg.topic;
context.state0 = context.state0 || false;
context.state1 = context.state1 || false;

if (topic == “one”) {
context.state0 = true;
if (topic == “two”) {
context.state1 = true;

if (context.state0 == true && context.state1 == true){
context.state0 = false;
context.state1 = false;
return msg;

Same issue…