Cannot connect SNZB-02P to ZB Bridge-Pro

Just wondering if anyone else has had any issues with connecting the sensor to the hub?

I’ve got 12 other devices connected no problem including four of the older SNZB-02 sensors, but I can’t seem to get this one to pair.


I just received 2 of these sensors, I cannot connect any of them through ewelink app either.
I have 5.2 0 version.
I tried with QR code and wireless but nothing is working…

Did a bit of googling and it mentioned the zigbee channels. I changed channels, which annoyingly deleted all the other devices but managed to pair it.

And then I trouble pairing other devices then. After a bit of trial and error and ended up back on the original channel.

Again more hassle trying to pair devices (mostly the radiator valves) but got there in the end.

So it seems perseverance is the answer, plus lots of pulling out batteries, and pressing pair buttons.

Just have the one device left to pair now… The switch behind the back box of a light switch… It wouldn’t fit in the actual back box.