Zigbee device directly on ewelink

Just bought the SNZB-02 thermometer. But it won’t pair with ewelink. I think it needs a hub which I don’t have. Does anyone know if I can pair this device directly, without hub, with ewelink-app on my phone ?

No way. Must have a bridge.

I have three of these, they are Zigbee devices - the ewelink app runs on my Android phone, but the phone does not have a zigbee radio, I used my NSPanel to bring the zigbee devices into the ewelink ecosystem.

Hi, thanks for the replies.
I have bought a Sonoff SNDZ Bridge Pro now.
So as soon as this arrives it should work.
It is just a pitty because in my second home I have Smart-Life devices and app. This is for me more user friendly.

But, it is how it is.

I also went down this route, but the Bridge that I purchased doesn’t work with the phone, it is a usb device which won’t fit the phone, I tried to use it with a r-pi running Home assistant but it became too complex for my old mind, so I bought a NSPanel pro which works perfectly. Good Luck.