Sonoff/eWeLink ecosystem with 3rd party zibgee devices

Hello everyone,

I have SONOFF NSPanel-Pro, it has internal ZigBee hub and it works perfect with all ZigBee lights and sensors I have. But to make some of my ZigBee smart bulbs work in the bedroom which is too distant from where NSPanel-pro is installed I ordered SONOFF ZigBee Bridge Pro and was surprised to find that it’s unable to connect to any of my 3rd-party smart bulbs.

My question is, is there any way to make SONOFF ZigBee Bridge Pro work with devices which are actually compatible with eWeLink ecosystem (which is proved by using them with NSPanel-pro)?

As an alternative, does anyone know ZigBee router compatible with eWeLink, which I can connect to NSPanel-pro and use to increase ZigBee coverage in my apartment?

Any main-powered zigbee devices should be able to act as a router, like Zigbee lightbulbs, Outlets, and wall switches/sockets (natural wire version). You can also flash a router firmware to Zigbee dongle like Sonoff dongle for this purpose.