NS panel pro - Homebridge integration

Hi - i was wondering if the following will work.

  • Existing ewelink account with wifi devices already attached and running
  • I want to purchase the NS Panel Pro and use it as a zigbee hub for zigbee devices
  • I have my own instance of homebridge already (not on ihost)

Question 1 - If i add the NS Panel Pro and the zigbee devices, will the zigbee devices show up in the ewelink app via cloud??

Question 2 - Can i install ewelink cube homebridge plugin on my own homebridge instance and then link to NS Panel Pro and Apple Homekit?

Question 3 - If you can, will all ewelink app devices appear in Apple Homekit (ie. existing wifi devices)? Or will it just show the zigbee devices paired to the NS Panel Pro?

Many thanks in advance.

Good catch, I think it would work as HB can pull all devices from eWeLink Cloud and NSPanel links its child devices with your account

Thanks! Can anyone with sonoff or someone with a NS Panel Pro confirm??

Question 1 - Yes, the zigbee devices connect to NSPanel Pro will show in your eWelink app via cloud .

Question 2 - yes, you can use the ewelink cube homebridge plugin, it will found the NSPanel Pro in the same LAN and you can sync the zigbee devices which connect to NSPanel Pro into your homebridge via this plugin.

Question 3 - the other wifi devices which under your eWeLink account can be control via NSPanel Pro, but will not sync to homebrige, the homebridge plugin just can be used to sync the zigbee devices connected to NSPanle Pro but not the Wifi devices connected to the eWeLink cloud directly.

@Alexie Thank you for the detailed confirmation.

  • Do you have any suggestions on how to integrate the exisiting SONOFF products (ie. Wifi) ones onto Apple Homekit? Is the only current solution the ihost?

  • But i understand with ihost the zigbee products paired to it will not appear on the ewelink app?

  • So shortcuts and automations on the complete sonoff product set need to be run locally on ihost?

  • Is there a roadmap to get this integrated? or launch wifi devices compatible with Homekit or Thread?

Older WiFi devices don’t support homekit, but new WiFi devices will support Matter, which can be added to the app home app (you need to have a homepod or apple TV on the same LAN) - like the SONOFF MINIR4M

ihost can bridge zigbee devices and Sonoff wifi devices on the LAN to the appke home app via matter, but it will not actively transfer any local data to any cloud. Therefore, the eWeLink app does not currently support the management and control of ihost and its sub-devices.

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