【Add-on Guide】HomeBridge

HomeBridge allows you to integrate with smart home devices that do not natively support HomeKit.

HomeBridge V1.1.0 relreased on 2023.4.12
NSPanel Pro is supported now, after getting access token forn NSPanel Pro, the sub zigbee devices will be synced to HomeBridge, allowing you to control them through homekit (Home App).

How to install and use HomeBridge on iHost

  • Tap ‘+’ on the upper right and search for HomeBridge

  • Select oznu/homebridge and add it

  • Tap ‘INSTALL’ to install the add-on

  • Tap ‘RUN’ to open the settings, select network as ‘Host’ and fill in other parameters according to your needs, then tap ‘RUN’

  • Wait a while, and open a new browser tab to visit the HomeBridge page, the default URL is ihost.local:8581 or IP of iHost:8581 (for example, you may find the IP on your router’s management page)

  • Navigate to ‘Plugins’ to search for the eWeLink cube and install it.

  • After installation, in Settings, click “Get access token“.

  • Get back to the iHost Web console and confirm to get the iHost access token.

  • Back to the Homebridge setting page, click the “Device list“, select the device you want, and “Save“.

  • Restart the Homebridge and you can see the device on the “Homebridge Accessories”.

Possible Errors

*If you failed to get the access token automatically, try to click ‘Search iHost’ and enter an IP address to get the iHost access token.

*Expired. Click to reacquire a valid access token.
Please reacquire an access token if you replace iHost, and all devices in Homebridge will be deleted simultaneously.

*Failed to connect. Please confirm whether the iHost IP address is correct or not.

*IP already exists. Please confirm whether the iHost IP address is correct or not.