【Add-on Guide】eWeLink Smart Home

How to install the eWeLink Smart Home add-on in CUBE?

Not under your account: Check if this device was shared with you by someone else.
Not supported: Device with LAN-control feature will be supported one by one.


Q: What device does it support?

A: Device with LAN-control feature.

Q: How to check if a device supports LAN control?

A: In eWeLink app, enter the device page, and go to device settings, the “LAN Control” option indicates that this feature is supported, please enable it.

For developers

This add-on is open on Github, if you’d like to know how it works, check on github:

I can’t pair or see any devices linked to my ewelink account.
any ideas?

2023-04-12T21:05:37.766164673Z 2023-04-12T21:05:37: PM2 log: Launching in no daemon mode

2023-04-12T21:05:37.940269273Z 2023-04-12T21:05:37: PM2 log: App [index:0] starting in -fork mode-

2023-04-12T21:05:38.001243946Z 2023-04-12T21:05:37: PM2 log: App [index:0] online

2023-04-12T21:05:40.841375232Z e[32m[2023-04-12T21:05:40.822] [INFO] total - e[39mServer is running at http://localhost:8321----env: prod----version: v1.1.3

2023-04-12T21:05:41.139733345Z e[91m[2023-04-12T21:05:41.125] [ERROR] total - e[39m获取ihost所有设备到结果------------------------------ { error: 400, data: {}, message: ‘headers.Authorization is invalid’ }

2023-04-12T21:05:41.142048303Z e[32m[2023-04-12T21:05:41.131] [INFO] total - e[39m发起获取iHost所有设备,host的凭证失效-------------------------清空

2023-04-12T21:05:41.366803368Z e[32m[2023-04-12T21:05:41.357] [INFO] total - e[39m==================request info begin===================

2023-04-12T21:05:41.369105785Z e[32m[2023-04-12T21:05:41.359] [INFO] total - e[39mincoming request info: GET /api/v1/user/status?appid=a1MUtJLPDaIfZfe9&ts=1681333541334

2023-04-12T21:05:41.415638289Z e[32m[2023-04-12T21:05:41.407] [INFO] total - e[39m==================request info begin===================

2023-04-12T21:05:41.425813665Z e[32m[2023-04-12T21:05:41.409] [INFO] total - e[39mincoming request info: GET /api/v1/device/lan?appid=a1MUtJLPDaIfZfe9&ts=1681333541401

2023-04-12T21:05:41.429830207Z e[32m[2023-04-12T21:05:41.417] [INFO] total - e[39m搜索局域网设备接口(登录前)返回值--------------------

What does your “Web UI” look like of the add-on? See the last screenshot of the startpost for an example.

its empty

And what devices do you have at the eWeLink app? Are there any with LAN mode enabled?

Please make sure your iHost and your eWeLink devices are conencted to the same network ( router), and make sure the LAN-control feature is enabled.
(In eWeLink app, enter the device page, and go to device settings, the “LAN Control” option indicates that this feature is supported, please enable it.)

Had a little spare time today, and now it works :slight_smile:
iHost and router were in the same network and lan control feature was enabeld.
The problem was that all my devices were paird to philihps hue bridge, after unpairing to hue i was able to pair them with ihost.

not listed devices i was able to pair and seems to work:

Philips Hue white ambiance
Model: 9290022169 / LTA001

Philips Hue edison
Model: n/a (cant reach it)/ LTV001

Philips Hue Appear Outdoor wall light
Model: 1746330P7

Led Controller from aliexpress
Model: C02Z

5 in 1 Zigbee Mini Ultra Thin LED Controller from GLEDOPTO
Model: GL-C-002P / GL-C-008P

Had anyone sucess connecting aqara motion sensor ? as i understood they have same paring process like door sensors. but i can’t get it to work.

Another thing i noticed, both system time an ewelink log time are wrong compared to set timezone (switzerland). System time is 1 hour, and ewelink time 2 hours behind

The eWeLink Smart home add-on only shows LAN mode enabled devices linked to your eWeLink account. At the devices pages of the iHost also only LAN mode enabled devices are detected. Philips Hue doesn’t operate on the eWeLink platform and thus can only be showed on the iHost by pairing those Zigbee devices directly to the iHost as far as I know.

About the time difference: Welcome in the world of eWeLink where Daylight Savings Time have never taken into account…

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I need assistance with the settings for the memory and % CPU of the Add-on . The User Guide skips over it. I have the RV1126 DDR4/4G and may add HA and Homebridge. Can you advise

You can leave it as displayed at the User Guide. It will work. It indeed would be great if the User Guide did mention that.

I have a Zigbee Bridge Pro iwith version 1.5.0 and I paired a ZBMini with it. It is working inside eWelink app, I can on and off using the Goggle Home.
The problem is even with my account connected to iHost according with the tutorial, I can’t see this ZBMini in iHost.

I have not seen the on ZBMini or Bridge Pro settings the option to enable Lan control.

Is the Zigbee Bridge Pro (1.5.0) compatible with iHost (version 1.7.0) ?

I have noticied too that the Zigbee Bridge Pro does not work like zigbee router for iHost.

For now the ZB Bridge-P does not support LAN control, thus the sub-devices cannot sync to iHost, a new firmware to support LAN control for the ZB Bridge-P is expected to be released at the end of August, and in the next update of iHost, ZB Bridge-P will be supported.

Thanks for the answer Teki, but I am very disappointed of the ZBBridge., because is only compatible with Sonoff devices.
To control devices with Google Home actually I am using Sonoff Mini R4.

It would be great if ihost was compatible with Local Google Assistant SDK.

as I know, the google local sdk is not open, only for google devices.


As I know, the intent of Local Home SDK is give a local server to Google Gome devices. With this SDK would be possible to command the Google Home using LAN, giving control to lamps, switchs and others without need of internet. If you ask to Google Home something that need to be consulted on internet, the Google Home will do by itself.

This would be a way to do the google control iHost devices localy. The example given in this forum for control devices using NodeRED needs a server on the cloud, that could bring other problems, like dependence of third party service, security issues, lacence,…

The best solution would still be to use the ewelink platform to control iHost devices using Google and Alexa. It works, does have local control, would be perfect.

I read in this forum some comments about iHost being a local solution, to be safer, but this is not true since it is also connected to the internet.

Hi guys,
With ihost 1.9.1 i am able to see all my wifi device but unable to interact with.
Do you have any Idea?

Many thanks.

did you click the sync button to sync your device to iHost?
if you did, try to unsync and sync again