【Update】eWeLink Smart Home add-on V1.3.0

eWeLink Smart Home add-on has been updated to V1.3.0 on 2023.05.29
In this update, more devices have been supported:

  • TH10/TH16 (does not support to setup auto control in CUBE)
  • RFBridge (only sync added sub-devices)
  • iFAN04
  • DUALR3 (does not support meter mode and mode switching, need manual refresh after mode switching in app)
  • THR3 (does not support to setup auto control in CUBE)
  • DUALR3 lite (does not support mode switching, need manual refresh after mode switching in app)
  • WiFi/2.4G smart plugs

For how to install and use the add-on, check here:


eWeLink Smart Home add-on has been updated to V1.2.0 on 2023.04.24

In this update, more devices have been supported:

  • Single-color dimmable light
  • Warm/Cold light
  • RGB/Warm/Cold light
  • Dual-channel socket
  • Three-channel socket
  • Four-channel socket
  • Dual-channel switch
  • Three-channel switch
  • Single-channel touch switch
  • Dual-channel touch switch
  • Three-channel touch switch
  • Four-channel touch switch
  • Power Monitoring socket
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First good news since a very long time. That’s example how the info for customers should look like. Thank you.

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Noticed that after updating the Node-Red event state nodes for the wifi devices are being triggered every 30 secs. Is this an intended behavior? The states are not changing, the same messages are being pushed every 30 secs. Tried it with several wifi devices, all report every 30 secs. ZigBee devices are not being affected.

Hi, just checked, it is not intended, this issue is related to the new released 1.2.0 eWeLink Smart Home add-on, we’ll fix this soon, thank you for the feedback.

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Hi. Applied update and seems to be all ok again, no more unneeded triggers.

The topicstart should include that if you have it installed already you can install the update by clicking “Check for updates”, then press “Minimize” and then wait untill a prompt is shown with the question whether you want to install the update.

My suggestion for improvement: show a download progress indicator somewhere while the download of the update is ongoing in the background. I have a rather slow internet connection and without looking at the download occupation in my router settings it looks like the iHost is doing nothing whilst it actually is downloading the Docker add-on update.


It’s a good point, I also felt that nothing’s happening.

Are there any chances for power consumption for POW R2 and INCHING for all devices in the near future?

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It’s on the list but haven’t a solid plan yet.

Any plans for the support of TH Elite?

Hi. Just saw that V1.3.0 got released with the supported devices being extended with what I was waiting for. DUALR3 and TH16.
Several questions / feedback:

  1. Any detailed changelog that you could share?
  2. DUAL R3 has consumptions tracking feature, are there plans to have this sent to iHost as well?
  3. TH16 (R2) related:
    3.1. Sends over temp / humidity data but tracking is not enabled for these. Can this be configured so that datapoint are saved locally on iHost similar to other Zigbee temp / hum sensors?
    3.2. In Node-Red the event-state for this device does not have any “State” that could be interrogated for. So any status changed cannot be integrated in Node-Red at the moment. See screenshot below

Update: Also these new devices are not selectable in the “Cast” function of IHost
Update1: In Node-Red the DUAL R3 states are somehow triggered twice when actioned from either iHost panel or via control-device node in Node-Red


Another issue with controlling DUAL R3 in Node-Red:

  • as there is no option to leave one of the channel on the old state, each time I try to turn on / off one of the channels I have to change the other one as well. This is not desired if they control two different things. In addition I get a lot of “Failed to connect. Check server configuration” messages for the control node. As I could figure it out it gives this failure due to two reasons
  1. Either I am trying to change state of a channel which is already in that state
  2. Either I am leaving the channel selection with “Please select” in a previous trigger, then the “toggleState” value becomes blank and not able to get status for it any more in Node-Red.


These are serious limitation on how to integrate the device in Node-Red.

Earlier they wrote Node-RED improvements will arrive somewhere at the end of the year. I believe it should be equal to product support of the iHost itself.

After the ewelink-smart-home upgrade to version 1.3.0 I was surprised that the RF-Bridges were available.
Loading the total device list in the WEB UI takes almost 2 minutes before all devices are visible.
All devices such as DW1/DW2…remote controll switches such as RM433 became visible, so I suddenly had 109 available, including these RF devices.
Nice until I made a scene with an RF-PIR as a trigger where an LED lights up as an action.
However, the time between detection and the LED lighting up is 2 to 5 minutes.
This is of course totally useless.
Is this due to the large number of devices that are handled by software or can the iHost not handle this hardware?
Hopefully there will be a solution for this.

HI, I can´t sync the rfbridge device , always appears fail

Here it also gives fail if I click on sync/unsync, but it still works if you look back in your device list.
You often have to wait a while for the device list to update itself.

Could you please download the log and submit feedback to us? We will locate the problem

Oke, sended to Daniel (Support)
(feedback #186016)