[Updating] Supported devices list of eWeLink add-on for Home Assistant

With the new release V1.3.1 of eWeLink add-on for Home Assistant, post the supported devices here for your reference, welcome to add your test devices and cases in this topic thread.

What type of devices are supported?

Wall switches, outlets, light bulbs, light strips, and ZigBee sensors are supported now like SONOFF devices are supported now, but some features of multi-functional devices may not be supported due to the limitations of the Home Assistant add-on capabilities, but since eWeLink is an IoT solution provider may as you know, there are thousands of OEM partners who make their own devices by using eWeLink’s solution even modified the solution to fit their own needs, not all of them be supported by this add-on and tested yet.

Supported devices list

Sonoff Device add-on web UI Home Assistant entities Controllable
SONOFF BASIC Switch LAN and Cloud
SONOFF BASICR2 Switch LAN and Cloud
SONOFF BASICR3 Switch LAN and Cloud
SONOFF RFR2 Switch LAN and Cloud
SONOFF MINIR2 Switch LAN and Cloud
SONOFF RE5V1C Switch LAN and Cloud
SONOFF S26 Series Switch LAN and Cloud
SONOFF S55 Series Switch LAN and Cloud
SONOFF S31 Lite Switch LAN and Cloud
SONOFF DualR2 Switch Cloud
SONOFF 4CHR3 Switch LAN and Cloud
SONOFF 4CHPROR3 Switch LAN and Cloud
SONOFF SlampherR2 Switch LAN and Cloud
SONOFF TX Series 1 Gang Switch LAN and Cloud
SONOFF TX Series 2 Gang Switch LAN and Cloud
SONOFF TX Series 3 Gang Switch LAN and Cloud
SONOFF SV Switch LAN and Cloud
SONOFF TH10 Switch、Sensor LAN and Cloud
SONOFF TH16 Switch、Sensor LAN and Cloud
SONOFF RF BridgeR2 Binary_Sensor LAN and Cloud
SONOFF S31 Switch LAN and Cloud
SONOFF POWR2 Switch LAN and Cloud
SONOFF POWR3 Switch LAN and Cloud
SONOFF iFan04 fan、Light LAN and Cloud
SONOFF D1 Light Cloud
SONOFF Micro Switch Cloud
SONOFF DW2-Wi-Fi Binary_Sensor Cloud
SONOFF B02 Series Light Cloud
SONOFF B05 Series Light Cloud
SONOFF DUALR3 Switch LAN and Cloud
SONOFF NSPanel Switch Cloud
SONOFF MINIR3 Switch Cloud
SONOFF S40TPB Lite Switch Cloud
SONOFF S40TPA Lite Switch Cloud
SONOFF TH Origin Switch、*Sensor Cloud
SONOFF THR Elite Switch、*Sensor Cloud
SONOFF POW Origin Switch、*Sensor Cloud
SONOFF POW Elite Switch、*Sensor Cloud
SONOFF SNZB-01 Sensor Cloud
SONOFF S31 Lite zb Switch Cloud
SONOFF SNZB-02 Sensor Cloud
SONOFF SNZB-03 Binary_Sensor Cloud
SONOFF SNZB-04 Binary_Sensor Cloud
*available in later version
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With the release of eWeLink add-on V1.3.3 for Home Assistant,
More device types supported.

· WiFi bulbs

· WiFi light strips

· WiFi Window/ Door sensors

· ZigBee Window/ Door sensors

· ZigBee motion sensors

· ZigBee temperature and humidity sensors

· ZigBee water leak detection sensors

· ZigBee bulbs

· ZigBee switches



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Hi, will the sensor info be available via HA-Add-On for SONOFF POWR316D/POWR320D?

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Not for now, just switch entities, maybe we can put this on the request list and let dev-team to see how to make this happen later.

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hello, is it possible to integrate the sensor DW2-L wi-fi in the next version of the add-on?

Replied here UPDATED eWeLink add-on V1.3.3 for Home Assistant - #8 by yitie

Any idea when M5-2C-86 will be supported?

I also would like to have the sensor data available to Home Assistant. I use the POWR320D on my HVAC system, and plan to replace the wall plugs I have my servers using with these, as well as other higher load items.

Please move this request closer to the top of the update list.

Thank you.

@jonnyh2401 Generally, we updat the add-on based on user’s requests and available dev resource, not a settled schedule, will check with team and make a update ASAP.

M5 series have been supported in add-on, cloud control only.

I just added some new bulbs to my setup and in HA they are showing as ‘Device not supported currently’. The new bulbs are B05-BL with firmware BL1-ALL-LED, I have old bulbs which work fine but they are B05-B/ WTW-SNL-05…any ideas?

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Please can you add support for SPM main and relay? LAN support if possible.
Switches are kinda working, but no support for sensors.

Request received, forward to dev team to evaluation, keep tuned.

I have 2 plug with firmware CK-BL602-SWPQ-01
The Switch work in Home assistant, but all sensor (power voltage current) can’t see in list of entity_id.
If possible to add this entity, and if possible ability lan mode.
Many thanks

Same issue, first sonoff device and not supported by HA :-/

List of supported devices for HA says “SONOFF B05 Series” is supported. I have two B05 BL-A60 bulbs, that are shown as “Device is not supported currently” in eWeLink Smart Home Add-On. Firmware (1.5.1) of the bulbs is up to date according to the eWeLink mobile app, HA Add-On Version is 1.4.3. Please assist.

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Hello, for my automation it would be really important that the sensor for temperature of the NSPanel would be supported, is there any reason why just the switches are supported, but not the Temperature Sensor? I can see the temperature in the ewelink smarthome addon, but i can not use it in dashboards or automations.

Hello everybody,

I don’t know if this is the right place but I’m starting, I apologize in advance if it’s not the right chanel.

I started using home assistant yesterday to sync my hue lights to ewelink smart home add on and from this add on send them to my ewelink mobile app and show them on my ns panel pro touch switch so far none issue.

I saw on the add ons that we could add switches and lights so that they are visible on the ewelink application and can be used on my virtual switch or light, so I want to add either a virtual switch or a light can m anyone will execute a command I ask .

But since I’m just starting home assistant I’m lost, I’ve been trying a lot of things since last night but each time I can’t.

added DW2-WI-FI
vie web-interface it is shown but in status “Device is not supported currently”
in integration via cloud it does not shown, I can`t add it to HA


For my T5-1C-86 in eWeLink add-on I see: “T5-1C-86 Device is not supported currently”

HA Add-On Version is 1.4.3, T5-1C-86 firmware version is 1.2.0