[Updating] Supported devices list of eWeLink add-on for Home Assistant

Any idea when the sonoff minir3 will be supported for Motor switches in home assistant?

for my tx ultimate still comes “T5-1C-86 Device is not supported currently”
is there already a rough time line when the switch is implemented?
i find the esphome variant very inelegant, but would switch to it if it would still take months.

Hello, i have a nspanel 86pw device. The addition to XA says that the device is not supported. Will there be support for this device?

When S-Mate 1 and 2 will be supported?
I smartthings I can see the S-Mate 2 but I cant do anything

Any plans in tintergrate minir4?

it worked when i first installed the device but has since disappeared. This is for HA

Many Thanks

Does eWeLink app work with Meross smart wi-Fi wall switch PN:MSS510?

Hello, i just bought several tx ultimate, I use home assistant and have also several tx using them with the official ewelink complement, but i just realize that the ultimate is not supported, i really want to keep it like it is but i want to know if there is like a due date to add it to the complement? Otherwise i will have to use esphome, thanks in advance!

The other option is to connect eWeLink cloud to Olisto cloud, which has a maker channel. You can then connect that to home assistant. For ease I’d use node red on home assistant.

Urgent; To add TRVZB please!

it’s a new produt and not compatible now with home assistant oO

Do you hear everywhere on the blog and forum that the person whant to change for another brand just for facilities, as if the product is less quality…

It’s the very most necessary next update guys! :o

When will sensor data for POW R2 be available for automations in HA? If there is another way to use it please provide instructions.

Thank you,

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We need to stimulate sonoff because if nobody talk about, they will not upgrade or modificate something! :frowning:

please you have to move for change

I will use a not very elegant but true comparison. eWeLink is like a clitoris. It requires constant stimulation.

@yitie Will we finally get decent support for Sonoff TRVZB’s in (paid) eWeLink Web and in Home Assistant? It’s been a long time since the thermostats were released and no progress has been made. As far as HA is concerned, the community has made more progress in a week than eWeLink has in a few months. Embarrassing :exploding_head:

Is there support for the Tuya wifi light sensor?

SONOFF SNZB-02D isn’t supported. Have anyone idea how I can use with Home Assistant?

Will there be support for T1UK switches?

Could support for S40ZBTPB Lite outlets be added as soon as possible I didn’t realize they were unsupported :frowning: