eWeLink Web NEW SUPPORT device

As the eWeLink support device is constantly integrated into eWeLink Web, the support device list is updated on a regular basis.
SONOFF iPlug Wi-Fi Smart Plug
SONOFF T5 SwitchMan Smart Wall Switch (1C / 2C / 3C / 4C)
SONOFF M5 SwitchMan Smart Wall Switch HomeKit Edition (1C / 2C / 3C)

:raised_hands: So far, what devices are not supported by eWeLink Web now? Let us know!
Post the device model or device ID down in the comments :writing_hand:

What about make scenes with Sonoff Dual R3? :face_with_monocle:

Hi there, thank you for the feedback. We will improve it in August.

:raised_hands: great

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Feel free to let us know if your devices are not supported on eWeLink Web.

When will the Sonoff M5 be available on IFTTT?

![ image|231x500](上傳://ozh14347piQrmA2tq31FGCoRG4K.png)為什麼支援第三方 SmartThings App 卻samsung TV卻「暫不支持」呢?

是說在Samsung TV上控制設備?
Samsung TV和SmartThings App是完全獨立的兩個系統,我們還沒有研究如何接入Samsung TV。

Hi Roger, have looped this request to our team, will keep you posted when M5 is available on IFTTT.