Device not supported in the ewelink web app


Hi, recently I bought 4 Sonoff M5-3C-86 device, these are all working using the Android app, but the same are not working on the web app, for each device I’m getting the following message “Device not supported”

This are the ID of the devices: 10015c1b2c, 1001490847, 1001490823, 10015c1b2b

Any idea why they are not supported in the eWeLink Web app?

Because the different types of eWeLink support devices need to be integrated into eWeLink Web one by one, we are regularly integrating more device types. When it comes to the users’ side, it’s possible to see some of the devices haven’t been supported by eWeLink Web.
For the need of supporting 10015c1b2c, 1001490847, 1001490823, 10015c1b2b devices, I have transferred it to our development team, expected to make them be supported in May or June.

Hi Stephen,
My devices are still not supported, do you have any news from the team?

Thanks in advance

Hi Stephen,
I have the same problem with the same devices.
I believe it is general.

Do you have any idea of the solution?

Thanks in advance

Hi @ingpasquale, @marciolenharo we are still working on integrate M5 series into the Web, something unexpected happened, planned to be done by the end of July, stay tuned with us, thanks for your feedback.

Hi Pasquale, expected eWeLink Web will support the device at the end of July, I will keep you posted.
Thank you for your patience.

I`have 14 M5 installed in my home, today is 18-08 and is not supported yet. Web is neccesary for easy upgrade and control and New feature cast have no sense for me if m5 is not integrated.

please solve it.