Device not supported in web interface and not identified in alexa

Hi, my name is André and I’m an advanced user of the Ewelink app and I have an improvement request from the developers! A while ago I bought a single color led strip controlled device, which communicates by zigbee with my Sonoff switch. this way the device appears in my application interface, however, I have two problems.
The first problem is that when I connect to the ewelink skill through Amazon Alexa, this skill does not recognize the device, and a second problem is that, the device does not appear in mine web interface . I would like you to help me by implementing greater interoperability with this device. I will attach some pictures of the device.
the device ID is a44000a83d


Hello André, because different types devices need to be integrated to eWeLink web or Alexa separately, we are still in the process to do this with more devices.

let’s try to find out with the device ID a44000a83d first and make an arrangement to deploy.

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Thank you! when this is resolved, could you let me know here?

Sure, let’s rolling in this post thread
Quick evaluation, Alexa integrated first then the eWeLink web, let you know once we have a time schedule,cheers

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Hello, do you have a forecast?

still in progress, planned available by the end of March if things are going well.

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Hi there, ZigBee lights have already integrated into Alexa, please give a try.

Hi, it’s working! Thank you very much

Pleasure, starting integration with eWeLink web, planned available by the end of April.

Ok, thanks!

Will there be a new deadline?

Something trick happened when we integrated it into eWeLink web, planned be available by Mid June, still working on that.