Ihost and zigbee bridge

Dear All,
I purchased ihost and setup and synced all my Sonoff devices.
About zigbee devices I haven’t understood if I still need a zigbee bridge or if ihost is capable of being a brdige.
I installed add-on zigbee but first I don’t know ho to setup up and secondo I’m not sure if it is enough for managing zigbee devices.
Thanks for any helps which will be appreciated.

If you need the zigbee devices connect to the eWeLink cloud and be used in eWeLink app, you need a ZBbrideg-P or NSPanel Pro , they will be a gateway to reply your zigbee device to eWeLink clould and app. If you just need them to be managed and controled by local, you don’t need a bridge but directly connet your zigbee devices to iHost.

zigbee devices that connect to ZBBridge-P and NSPanel Pro, can be synced to iHost by addon later. In this week we will update a new addon to support synced zigbee devices from NSPanel Pro.


cool. :smile:
I’m looking forward to the new addon to support synced zigbee devices from NSPanel Pro

I Hope addon for ZBBridge will be avaiable soon


Just support ZBBridge-P , the older model ZBBirdge can not be support - because this older model can not support LAN Mode, so it connot be connected to iHost in local LAN.

@Alexie ,

You said that even with iHost, is needed a ZBbrideg-P or NSPanel Pro to connect the zigbee devices to the eWeLink cloud and be used in eWeLink app. In this case, the zigbee devices are not connected in iHost and it will connect to them from LAN ?

Is this only for now or is not plannet for iHost the eWeLink cloud connection ?

Zigbee devices connect to ZBBridge-P or NSPanel Pro, the ZBBridge-P and NSPanel Pro will connect to the eWeLink cloud and support the LAN mode to work with iHost at the same time - then you can use see the zigbee devices in eWeLink app(Clould) and iHost(Local LAN) at the same time. even the cloud is broken the zigbee device can be control and run the automation in iHost without any trouble.

No plant to conect the iHost to clould yet - if the iHost want to use the eWeLink cloud , users need to pay an additional fee for the clould charge.

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let me know when it will be available

Neither P model can has Lan mode now.

Just changed my old model with P model and it doesn’t work. I hope support comes quickly

is it possible to pair zbbridge with ihost so that zbbridge works as a zigbee router?

Yes, but you must flah zigbee bridge with Tasmota.

I use the MOES Zigbee Extender.

It will pair with iHost and shows as “Non Compatible”, but it will work. Here solucined my problem of zigbee signal on devices.

The bad news is when iHost has paired “Non compatible” devices the zigbee map will not work.

With Sonoff Zigbee Bridge Pro it doesn’t work but works this: https://it.aliexpress.com/item/1005005242045109.html?spm=a2g0o.order_list.order_list_main.5.21ef3696UcKwNE&gatewayAdapt=glo2ita#nav-review

It really won’t work with the simple model (ZBBridge )?

If I switch to the P model is it already working?

Guys, it is possible to work around this situation.

Installing the two ewelink plugins on the homebridge (Cube and homebridge-ewelink) it is possible to use the Cube for all devices and the standard plugin (homebridge-ewelink) only for zigbee devices, to make it easier I ignored the devices via configuration so as not to duplicate them in the homekit.

I currently have the ZBBirdge hub and I tested it and it worked as mentioned above.

Hope I helped =D

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Hi ,
I have flashed zigbee bridge with tasmota and router firmware. iHost can find device but with information “not supported yet”

Zrzut ekranu 2023-08-23 104412

Did the same and as far as I can tell it works as a repeater correctly: some devices on the ZigBee map appear with higher signal strength and not connected to the iHost or any other compatible repeater

I’ll test it. For the moment in debug log I found {“online”:true}. Thank You @ysty89 all is working correctly.It was what I needed. Now I have enough zigbee signal strength.

But all functions not working perhaps this device Tuya 2 in 1 Zigbee Mini PIR Motion Detector +Bright Lux Light conected to NSpanelPro brightness senzor dont work, alarm dont work .Many hour I spend how connect Zigbee bridge to Ihost. Because ewelink dosnot have sensor with brightness sensor.Scene must be with sun set or hour setting .And second ewelink sensor discharge battery one or two week battery caput . All ewelink sensor are in trash can

Dear all,
Any news about add Zbbridge-P devices to Ihost?
whitch add-on i can use?