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Je n arrive pas a voir mes appareils Zigbee dans l app. Ewelink IOS et je ne vois pas mes appareis qui sont dans mon Iphoe su mon Ihost mon email est aidez moi svp

What are your Zigbee devices paired with? With the iHost or with the eWeLink cloud in the app on your phone? Based on your posting, it’s hard to know.

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Bonjour !
1 j ai mes appareils wifi dans ewelink Iphone
2- j 'ai mes zigbbe dans mon Ihost
3 ils n apparaissent pas dans les 2 en meme temps
dans les 2 soit ewelink Iphone et Ihost
4 impossible d apairer les wifi dans le Ihost
5 Impossible d apairer les zigbee dans mon ewelink iphone
Comment les syncroniser ?
Merci de votre aide


I still do not fully grasp your problem. As far as I have understood correctly, I will try to clarify.
To control WiFi devices connected to the eWeLink cloud in iHost, you need to install and run the eWeLink Smart Home add-on. WiFi devices from the cloud must have LAN mode enabled. There is a list of devices supported by this add-on.
To pair Zigbee devices with the eWeLink cloud, you need a Zigbee bridge (e.g. Sonoff ZB BRIDGE-P, NSPanel Pro). The iHost has the ability to pair with Zigbee devices, but is a local server. Therefore, you will not see Zigbee devices connected to it in the cloud. If you chose iHost to act as a Zigbee bridge, it was the wrong choice. That was the design of the local server, and that’s what iHost was created for. Currently there is no way around this. The topic has been discussed many times on this forum.
If you have NSPanel Pro (as a bridge) and you pair Zigbee devices with it, by and through the Paral-sync add-on in iHost they will be visible. This add-on could theoretically work both ways, but at the moment this is not the case and is unlikely ever to be. However, taking Zigbee controls outside of iHost means you lose the benefits of managing them locally. You have to choose what is more important to you.
I may have missed something or explained things incomprehensibly, my apologies in advance. If anything, ask away. Vous êtes les bienvenus.

Bonjour ! j ai acheté
SONOFF Zigbee Hub 3.0 (ZB Bridge-P), WiFi et Zigbee double protocole, Le probleme est qu apres avoir suivi les instructions je n arrive pas a installer les sous-périphériques. J essai 2 flash courts et un long puis flashs rapides et je vois le led vert sur le bridge mais cela ne connect pas. Pouvvez-vous me guider svp ?

Are you running the pairing mode on the client devices as well? Both sides need to be in pairing mode at the same time.

Bonjour ! que voulez-vous dire par Are you running the pairing mode on the client devices as well? Both sides need to be in pairing mode at the same time.

Sonoff ZB BRIDGE-P et app IOS eWeLink-Smart Home.

Sous Smart Home je vais sous ZBBbridge-P puis je branche un SONOFF S31 Lite WiFi qui flash 2 courts un long et j’appuisur ajouter (180 secondes) et cela indique 0 device.

Puis je mets le S31 en mode compatiblité (Rapid flash et no pairing. Pouvez-vous me donner la mèthone correct SVP ?
Comment mettre le app en mode pairing ?

The S31 Lite is not available in Europe, but I see in the Sonoff specification that it is a WiFi device. It is therefore impossible to pair the S31 with the ZB BRIDGE Pro. Your efforts are therefore futile. If you want to connect the S31 to the cloud/eWeLink app, start a compatible pairing mode. Read the manual and go ahead

Oh ! I tought ZB BRIDGE Pro. was for convert wifi ti zigbee, wich devices wifi are compatible with ZB BRIDGE Pro…

And then I cant add S31 to Ewelink smart app.?
But no zigbee to ewelink app ?

ZB BRIDGE Pro. is for what exactly ?

ZB BRIDGE Pro is a Zigbee bridge, as the name suggests. It forms the root of the network tree and can connect to other networks. There is exactly one Zigbee coordinator per network, as this is the device that originally started the network. It stores information about the Zigbee network and connected devices. In this way, the Zigbee bridge will act as an intermediary between the smart accessories you want to connect to your system.

No WiFi device is compatible because it does not need a bridge to connect to the network.

Your website say S31 lite work with the bridge , could you check it please:

SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro can work with the devices below:
Router : ZBMINI smart switch,S40 Lite ZB smart plug, S31 Lite ZB smart plug,

S26R2ZB smart plug
End Device : ZBMINI-L smart switch, SNZB-01 switch, SNZB-02 Temp. and Hum. sensor, SNZB-03 motion sensor, SNZB-04 door/window sensor

S31 Lite (WiFi) and S31 Lite ZB (Zigbee) are two distinct products. Which one do you have?

ZBMINI-L smart switch, SNZB-01 switch, SNZB-02 Temp. and Hum. sensor, SNZB-03 motion sensor, SNZB-04 door/window sensor are all Zigbee devices. You need a Zigbee bridge to use them.

Merci autre questions est-ce que les devices sous Ihost seront controlable a avec Alexa,
Puis si je compremnd bien le Ihost sert de concentrateur mais il faut un SONOFF Zigbee Hub 3.0 (ZB Bridge-P) pour que les devices connectent avec le Ihost.

Alors a quoi sert le Ihost sans SONOFF Zigbee Hub 3.0 (ZB Bridge-P)


I am glad to have been able to explain this and that.
The iHost is a local server. The idea was that it runs fully autonomously, separate from any cloud service. It doesn’t need an extra for Zigbee devices to work with it. You can pair Zigbee devices directly. However, these devices will not be available “outside”.

The benefit is that you have a local server that doesn’t need the internet to function. This guarantees independence from cloud services and gives you a sense of almost complete privacy. For example, scenes with Zigbee devices work without external services. Some people appreciate this solution. If you specifically want to control Zigbee devices with Alexa, iHost is obviously not a good choice.
So far, the only way to control Zigbee devices connected to iHost with Alexa is to use the ‘Matter bridge’ option. However, this is something that is still in development and works unsatisfactorily. The guys at eWeLink are working on it all the time and there is a chance that eventually it will be possible to rely on this solution. The Matter implementation was in theory supposed to be slick and make life easier. Manufacturers have their own priorities and this does not necessarily go towards full interoperability. After several attempts to use this, I gave up and went for another solution.

Thank you for reply.
Is it possible to drive Ihost with Home assistant ?

Really in dont understand why Ihost is not show in ewelink

Yes, it is possible to install HA on iHost. Can be run as a docker. Before you get down to it, get the basics of knowledge, because it is not a trivial task.

There is no need for this. You will gain nothing from it. As I mentioned earlier, iHost is a local server. The eWeLink cloud is not needed for it to work.