iHost new Add-on ewelink/paral-sync

I installed this Add-on on iHost:
Theoretically, it should facilitate the sync of Zigbee devices from NSPanel Pro to Sonoff iHost.
Unfortunately, I did not manage to synchronize the devices from NSPanel on iHost.
Can someone help me?
Thank you.

Why don’t you go Zigbee directly to IHost?

I don’t add Zigbee devices to iHost because iHost it an unusable device at this moment!
Unfortunately, iHost is only able to manage elementary Scenes.
If you want to turn on a light bulb with a motion sensor, but at the same time you want that light bulb to be able to be turned on and off permanently, disabling the automatic start commanded by the motion sensor, for an iHost the mission is impossible!!!
Until someone understands that it is not enough to make wifi devices accessible in iHost, but you also have to facilitate the creation of scenes, just like in the eWelink APP or ewelink Web application, complicated solutions will be needed, such as adding Zigbee devices to NSPanel Pro and their management from iHost.

I installed this addon in host mode and it works.
Go to http://ihost.local:8322

The settings page should open. Get token to ihost, get token to nspanel pro.

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Thank you for help!
Your answer was a real help to me.

tutorial of Paral-Sync add-on:

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Thanks Teki!

is it an add-on that works with Sonoff ZigBee Bridge Pro

We will update the ZigBee Bridge Pro with the LAN feature in Q3 so you can use the eWeLink Smart Home Addon to sync the Zigbee devices to iHost. No more addon is needed.

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It’s a pity that the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge Pro was not the first on the list because now many of the problems would not have existed.

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ZBBridge Pro does not currently support LAN mode and will need to be upgraded to a later version that supports full LAN functionality before it can be supported in ihost

All Sonoff Zigbee Bridge devices have problems. No such device fulfills even the minimum criteria of functionality.
Sonoff Zigbee Bridge Pro does not support LAN, NSPanel Pro has only part of the Zigbee Bridge Pro functionalities and iHost is for the moment a joke in terms of Zigbee functionalities.
If you use Zigbee Bridge Pro, it has LAN and cannot be used offline.
If you use NSPanel Pro, you cannot use Scenes offline, it requires internet.
Finally, if you use iHost, you can use it offline, but you do not have access to data and devices only if you are connected to the network to which the iHost device is connected.
Each device has advantages and all have disadvantages.
Sonoff Zigbee Bridge Pro is the closest to the truth. If it will receive the LAN functionality, many problems will be solved.
Unfortunately, the use of Sonoff devices in the offline version is currently far too far.


I completely agree with you!

Sonoff’s development team has a big and hard job ahead of it.

They dissipated, and they didn’t finish a single unit completely. I hope that they will make a realistic plan and put every “thing” in its place and make it fully functional.

In my opinion, they have to make a good development strategy and go step by step, encompassing each unit…don’t go into something new, especially if they have capacity, until the existing devices and software are diamond polished.

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The problem is not even that iHost and NSPanel Pro are sold when they are still in Beta version!
The problem is that when the devices reach a stable version, there will certainly be some junk and there will be much better solutions.

There will always be newer and better devices, unfortunately it is inevitable.

I believe that Sonoff has a good foundation, and that the people from the Sonoff - eWelink development team have the skills to “get the job done” and fight to be at the top.

It is not a problem that new and better performing devices appear. The problem is that iHost and NSPanel Pro will be surpassed physically and morally when there is a stable firmware.
The development of a product, no matter in which field, is not done on the client’s money and with his nerves!!!
When you put a product up for sale, the one who pays the full asking price, I think he can have a justified claim to receive a 100% functional product and by no means a 50% functional product or not at all!
NSPanel Pro after 6 months from the launch is functional in the proportion of 60-70%.
iHost 3 months after its launch on the market is 30% functional.
If you are a producer and developer and you want interested people to help you in making a quality product, then send the product in question for testing free of charge.
How can someone have the nerve to ask for money for totally non-functional products???
At the time of launch, both NSPanel Pro and iHost were totally non-functional!!!
No one disputes the fact that the people from Sonoff - eWelink do good work, but they have to do these things with their money and not with my money and the money of those who bought the non-functional products!


Yes you’re right!

Hello Daniel,
is it possible now to see my zigbee devices, added to weelink app, in the ihost?
If yes, how can I see them?
Thank you in advance
Best regards

When are you going to release the ZBBridge pro Lan update?

Probably this project to update ZBBridge PRO to work with LAN is no longer current.
Initially, it was promised for the end of August at the latest, later it was postponed to a later date.
Probably for many users, updating Bridge PRO is essential and is the most important for iHost to become functional.
I, due to the lack of this update, only use iHost to switch a light bulb with a motion detector and 2 SNZB-01 buttons.
Too bad because iHost has a huge potential but without the necessary software it’s just a useless box!

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