iHost support for NSPanel PRO router mode

Is there any plan to support router mode in iHost?

hi, devices under NSPanel Pro can be synced to iHost via the add-on:

Yes you can.
I’m talking about the new NSPanel Pro feature. Where the panel can act as a router…
The panel is added to the ZBBridge Pro gateway as a repeater, you can also add the panel to another panel as a repeater, but iHost does not see it. Although it would be much more convenient to build a network on iHost and use the panels as a repeater…

NSPanel Pro is supported to switch to router mode in V2.2.0, iHost will support this in the December update.

Thanks for good news!!!

after adding Nspanel Pro as a router to ihost, will it be visible in the ewelink application or will it be unavailable like a zigbee device added to ihost.

still available in eWeLink app, it allows you to switch between hub mode and router mode.

All its functions are preserved. It will only be impossible to add devices.

Cool. Finally some good news. :grinning:

and automatic scenes set in the ewelink application, which were performed in LAN mode by NS panel Pro, will be possible to set in the application or only in IHOST

iHost only. It’s a repeater…

zigbee devices added to ihost will appear in the ewelink application or will they be invisible. just like it’s been until now

Yes. They will not be visible. zigbee network then on iHost.

The you made me sad. :frowning:
I was already hoping to see ZigBee devices added to IHOST in the Ewelink application.

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Here we need to make a decision. Either a local service (iHost) or a cloud service (eWeLink)…

I have to make a good decision.

I choose the cloud and NSPANEL PRO.
Ihost is very unreliable for now.
A compromise could be useful.
Or maybe it is planned for Zigbee Bridge Pro to be as a router.
This will help solve the problem with the ZigBee network.

And I will keep all the features that nspanel pro has.

I am buying more and more Sonoff devices, but each one has some limitations. And it is impossible to achieve the intended goal.

ZBBridge Pro can now add NSPanel Pro as a repeater.

I know.
But will I keep all the functions that nspanel pro gives me?
#) LAN scenes for zigbee devices.
#) full access to the cloud.
#) Hub Matter

#) LAN scenes for zigbee devices.
Scenes that are on ZBBridge Pro
#) full access to the cloud.
ZBBridge Pro is in the cloud, so everything else is there too
#) Hub Matter
I don’t know about this. Haven’t used it yet…

Earned it!
Thank you.

I added npanel pro to ihost as a router. But there is a serious bug with this function. zigbee devices added to ihost are not displayed in npanel pro and cannot be controlled on the npanel pro screen. can it be repaired?

mam wersje ihost 1.13.0 oraz nspanel pro 2.3.0