【Add-on Guide】Paral-Sync: Sync your NSPanel Pro sub devices to CUBE

Paral-Sync add-on allows you to control the local Zigbee device of NSPanel Pro in eWeLink CUBE.

Step 1: Add and install the add-on

Add and install
Search for Paral-Sync add-on and add it to your add-on list, install it.

Step 2 : Run the add-on

Run the Paral-Sync add-on

Network: host

Volume: any volume /workspace/data

Step 3 : Open the webUI

Open a new browser tab and go to ihost ip:8322

Click Get access token and go back to iHost page to confirm.

Click Next

The add-on will automatically search your NSPanel Pro, click Get access token

Follow the Guide to operate your NSPanel Pro

Click Done and on the next page you can click Sync to sync the devices to CUBE.

Note: In next update of this add-on, you won’t need to open a new browser tab, the webUI will show on the add-on page directly.


Will this void the waranty

It won’t, this is developed by eWeLink. it just sync your NSP devices to iHost

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volume cannot be specified during paral-sync installation. change is locked

Why can’t I synchronize SNZB-2P?

sensor snzb-02d is not displayed either

For developers
This add-on is open on Github, if you’d like to know how it works, check on github:

when will the snzb-02D temperature sensor work in parallel-sync

And SNZB-2P!!!

Next weekend… The updated addon will support 02D and 02P. Remember to upgrade NSPanel Pro’s firmware to 2.0 first - it’s also expected to be released next week

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thank you for the information

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Still no support for SNZB-2P!

We will update the paral-sync addon to support 02P and 02D.

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