1x iHOST + 2x NSpanel Pro + Paral-sync = Failure

I have large network of Sonoff devices in my place.

I have 1 iHOST and 2 NSPanel Pro.

I wanted to use Paral-sync to connect both of them to my iHost.

Unfortunately I can connect only one!

Sonoff - please explain why ???

This is not a new problem. It was reported a long time ago. Apparently it is not important for eWeLink.


i also have an iHost and 3 NSPanel Pro in use.
Each NSPanel Pro is located on a different floor.
The NSPanel Pro is primarily used to control the shutters.
I now also have Zigbee devices in use. Unfortunately, only one NSPanel Pro can be synchronised with the iHost.

Is there any news on this topic? When will it be possible to synchronise several NSPanel Pro with the iHost?

No, no news. The situation is the same as it was on Apr 21. It doesn’t look like it’s going to change any soon. Open a ticket and tell eWeLink what you think about it.