SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro when will it become compatible with LAN?

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I am very curious if the promise is still valid according to which in the 3rd quarter of 2023 SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro will receive an update that will make it compatible with the LAN function.
The 3rd quarter ends in 10 days and I haven’t found any information on this subject.

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Yes, it will support the LAN feature, as we are still working on the development and optimization of the new update, it may be delayed a bit. Once the new update passes our internal testing, it will be released for all ZB Bridge Pro users.

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Thank’s for replay.

Yeah, it is not hard to imagine from the user standpoint that without support for the bridge units (or even just the PRO version) the iHost is pretty useless in general. The signal range of the iHost hardware is terrible and wifi device support is very very limited, so that leaves really not much to work with.
I have 40+ devices at home, almost ALL of them SONOFF brand (38 of them), but only 5 shows in my iHost. Again, Zigbee devices paired to it cannot reach the host for the most part because of signal range. That was the point of the bridges and routers (small and cheap), so now we have no choice, Real bummer…

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Are you saying that we will soon see the ability to have iHost, NSPanelPro, Zigbee Bridge Pro, etc. all run on one zigbee mesh network, instead of all separate? Was literally looking up how to hack my NSPanelPro and Zigbee Bridge Pro to install Zigbee2MQTT, because (1) I think they should all be connected to same Zigbee mesh instead of being separate (setup as coordinators/routers) and (2) because I still can’t pair multiple non-Sonoff Zigbee devices, which is the whole point of the Zigbee 3.0 standard.

If your devices are wifi, you can use the eWeLink Smart Home Addon to sync the devices to iHost as the addon support SONOFF product with LAN feature.
If your devices are Zigbee, you can pair them to iHost directly. Or pair them in NSPanel Pro / ZB Bridge Pro (once the new update is released with LAN feature capability), then sync to iHost as well.

So it should not be 5 out of 30 devices shown in iHost.
If possible, please further describe what issues block the devices shown in iHost, thx.

It is not a Zigbee mesh network, we utilize the mDNS discovery in LAN to discover NSPanel Pro and Zigbee Bridge Pro zigbee sub-devices to sync Zigbee router or end devices to iHost.

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I do have several LAN devices, 6 in total, but only 3 show in the CUBE app (same song, the rest will be supported in the “near future”, yet they work in the web ewelink app ). I do understand the concept and if fully implemented I agree it can be a good solution. But when we see that work is done for new devices (Matter) while old devices are not updated (like bridge pro), it seems unfair and leaves most of us with useless functionality. I mean, shouldn’t it be a priority to support thousands of users already that spent money in your products before developing something new?.
Still waiting for the ZigBee bridge pro support…Not going to buy a NS Pannel PRO just because.
And I do have a NS Pannel (first ver) and had to accept the fact that cannot work with iHost as I expected.

I’m frustrated that Zigbee was created for interoperability, yet I still cant pair my Zigbee devices unless they are Sonoff brand or I buy iHost. I purchased the Sonoff Zigbee Dongle, pluhged it into Home Assistant, ran Zigbee2MQTT & what a surprise suddenley I can pair -ALL- Zigbee devices, rrgardless of brand, like Zigbee was ACTUALLY crrated for. I finally see bridge mode is coming available on the NSPanelPro. When can we expect the option to switch from Coordinator to Rourt mode on the Zigbee Bridge Pro? Why would Sonoff not build their products to by default operate as a Zigbee mesh? Why mDNS? is that so we pay more money for a subscription?

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I have Zigbee2MQTT and in the main there are more things supported. Occasionally though things work on the iHost but not in Zigbee2MQTT. Some things work in ZHA but not Zigbee2MQTT but mostly it is the other way round.
For example I have 3 buttons that work on the iHost and ZHA but not Zigbee2MQTT and one power measuring switch that appears to work in Zigbee2MQTT with power measures, but can’t be controlled. Conversely the iHost can operate the switch but not see the power.
I suspect all the devices could be made to work in Zigbee2MQTT but it’d need coding.

When are we going to receive the ZigBee Bridge Pro Lan support? I have an iHost and I would really love to be able to connect the ZigBee Bridge Pro to the iHost and have all my devices in a single place.

Apparently the Pro was supposed to have LAN implemented some time ago… that’s what I read.

Unfortunately, it’s still not working and I have everything to the latest version.

The ZBBridge Pro has supported to be discovered in LAN via iHost, please update the ZBBridge Pro to the latest version 1.8.0 as well as the eWeLink Smart Home Addon to 2.0.1. then you can sync the ZBBridge Pro Zigbee sub-devices to iHost.

Somehow I still have the 1.7.0 as the latest version. Any idea how to force update to 1.8.0? eWeLink Smart Home Addon is already to latest version.


Please submit to us a ticket so we can help you further.