Does SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro remain LAN incompatible forever?

Is there anyone on this forum who can concretely answer the question:
Will SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro ever become LAN compatible?
Unfortunately, for 6 months we only receive promises!
I’m tired of promises.
Is SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro LAN still a topical project?
Is there anyone who can communicate an exact date when the SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro becomes LAN compatible?
Was the idea of making LAN compatible SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro abandoned?
Thanks for any response, although I don’t expect anyone to provide the information requested!


So Sonoff Zigbee Bridge Pro does not currently have LAN mode?
I was thinking about buying it, but in this case it is useless to me…

No, currently Zigbee Bridge Pro does not have LAN mode (current version 1.7.1).

The feature has been promised for a while but not yet been released.

Maybe @yitie could help us with an update on the planned release date please?

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So, to sum up, there is currently built-in local scene support but no LAN mode. This means that you cannot control devices via scenes when the Internet is offline… Abstraction.

The November release (1.11.0) will be compatible with the SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro’s LAN functionality, yes, by next Wednesday at the latest!


Zigbee Bridge Pro 1.7.1 has already supported the LAN mode feature, it is enabled by default. The iHost will support Zigbee Bridge Pro LAN mode in the following update. soon to be released.


Thanks for the feedback, @Daniel_Zhan

I cannot find any setting in the Zigbee Bridge Pro for LAN mode. Is it ‘hidden’ and always enabled?

Yes, the switch of the LAN feature is not visible, enabled by default.


Great - thanks for the feedback, @Daniel_Zhan

May I make a suggestion? Maybe make a separate post here in the forum with that announcement. I assume that there a quite a number of people waiting for this - and that like me are not aware of the info you have just shared here

Once the iHost new update is ready, we will announce it in the thread.

If the iHost does not support the Zigbee Bridge Pro LAN mode feature, it does not make sense.


If the Zigbee Bridge Pro has LAN mode enabled by default, shouldn’t this feature become visible in the eWeLink v5.1.0 APP?

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It will be visible in the following new APP update.

A new version ewelink cube v1.11.0 has been released.
Has anyone checked whether ZigBee Bridge Pro works in LAN mode?

Update iHost V1.11.0

New features:

  • Added a new feature eWeLink-Remote Control in Pilot Features. Now you can add SONOFF S-mate, R5 and S-mate2 when you toggle “eWeLink-Remote Control” on.

  • Now you can search for devices by device name on the device list page.

  • Now you can search for scenes by scene name on the scene list page.

  • Added support for SONOFF Zigbee Thermostatic Radiator Valve.

  • OpenAPI now supports the integration of air conditioners and fans.


  • Optimized iHost update process. Now you can update iHost to the latest version without binding an eWeLink account.

  • Improved the display of smart devices in scene, allowing for device search and presenting devices in a categorized order based on room classification.

  • eWeLink add-on V1.4.0 now supports to sync sub-devices (including Zigbee switches, plugs, curtains, wireless switches, and T&H sensors) from ZBBridge Pro to iHost.

  • homebridge pligin V1.2.0 added support for fan lights and T&H sensors.

  • Optimized iHost menu bar UI design.

Bug fixes:

  • Resolved the issue that Aqara Motion Sensor P1 cannot be triggered.

  • Fixed the bug that Aqara SSM-U01 cannot be controlled.

  • Fixed the issue where the IKEA TRÅDFRI Motion Sensor E1745 was not triggered as expected.

  • Fixed the issue with inability to control the IKEA ASKVADER on/off switch E1836.

Thank you for the info Daniel.
What about the first Sonoff Zigbee Bridge? Any plans to get LAN mode?

Do you refer to the non-pro one? the Zigbee Bridge does not support the LAN mode as the hardware resource is limited.

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You need to update the eWeLink Smart Home addon to 1.4.0 as well, SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro firmware updates to 1.7.1.

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If the Zigbee Bridge Pro can now use LAN to activate devices why are local scenes only Zigbee to Zigbee?

When it couldn’t use LAN it made sense to have no local scenes using wifi but now? Of maybe it is just LAN in but not LAN out?

Nspanel pro also cannot control LAN devices without internet. :frowning:
I once received a reply from sonoff that it must connect to the cloud to control LAN devices.
only ewelink application can control devices without internet only in LAN mode.

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NSPanel PRO does not have LAN device control capabilities through the LAN function. NSPanel PRO has an integrated Zigbee gateway, which is why your internet connection is just an expensive box.
NSPanel PRO should be an extension for iHost, with bidirectional communication between the two devices, which would solve many current problems both in the case of iHost and NSPanel PRO.
I think it was a mistake to create two similar devices that only accept Zigbee devices. If iHost would accept only wifi/LAN devices and NSPanel PRO only Zigbee and the latter could be added to iHost, 80% of the existing problems would have been solved before they appeared.
The reality is totally different and the manufacturers of Smart devices do not really want to offer the possibility for any Smart device to be compatible with any hub or mini ecosystem and they want to maintain control, more or less.
The dream where you can add the device closest to your needs to your existing ecosystem, without making compromises and having 3, 4, 5 different accounts that must be interconnected so that the devices can communicate with each other, locally and be accessible from one control panel, but also 100 controllable online, remains something of the future. iHost is years away from such a dream and NSPanel is a useless device, completely useless given that without internet it can only control the added Zigbee devices.