【Release Note】What's new in eWeLink CUBE V1.10.0

V1.10.0 (2023.09.13)


  • A multi-channel device can now be set as both the scene’s trigger and its action.
  • Now you can select smart security status as scene triggers or actions.
  • Installation process of add-on can now be terminated.
  • Zigbee2CUBE added support for multi-channel remote controller.
  • Open API added CPU temperature and micro SD card usage percentage.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the issue with inability to download large add-on logs.
  • Fixed occasional failure to execute all actions when multiple actions were added in a scene.
  • Fixed the “login timeout” bug of eWeLink add-on.

V1.9 (2023.08.11)
New features:

• New add-on tts2cube-pico is available, allowing you to convert text to speech. Guide
• Added Turbo mode in pilot features, which supports enhancing Zigbee signal by maximizing the transmit power of the iHost Zigbee module.

• Now you can add Temp. &Hum. data charts, energy consumption charts, calendar widget, clock widget, and text widget in CAST.
• Support for changing CAST dashborad background colors.
• CAST layout optimizied.
• Add-on supported mounting and accessing USB serial devices.
• Added support for lights in Matter Bridge.

Bug fixes:
• Resolved the problem that Tuya multi-channel switches could not control individual channels.
• Fixed the issue that devices added via Zigbee2CUBE cannot be controlled.
• Fixed the bug that tailscale add-on could not specify a volume at runtime.
• Resolved the slow loading issue for the Temp. & Hum. data chart due to an excessive amount of historical data.

V1.8.0 what's new

V1.8 (2023.07.10)

The update will be gradually pushed between July 10-11, and the Guide of the new add-ons will be posted soon.

New features:

  • New add-on Tile2CUBE-WeatherAPI is available, allowing you to create a weather tile for iHost/CAST. Guide
  • New add-on MQTT2CUBE-Tasmota allows you to sync your Tasmota switches and plugs to iHost.
  • Now you can access iHost remotely with the Tailscale add-on. Guide
  • Added Matter Bridge in Pilot Features, which supports adding iHost-managed devices to Matter-supported platforms.
  • Zigbee scene switches are supported now.
  • Now you can create custom tiles with the eWeLink CUBE open API to display them in iHost/CAST.


  • Added “Run manual scenes” and “Enable/Disable auto scenes” to scene action.
  • The upper limit of Scene actions is increased to 50.
  • The delay that can be set in scene actions has been increased to 23h 59min 59sec.
  • A refresh button is added on the settings page of devices added through Zigbee2CUBE, click to re-acquire device information.
  • Optimized icons of routing devices and end devices.
  • Added a CUBE logo to devices integrated via Zigbee2CUBE.
  • The list of devices in the room can be collapsed or expanded.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the issue that devices added by Zigbee2CUBE were offline after firmware updated.
  • Resolved Zigbee map display issue when adding unsupported devices via Zigbee2CUBE.
  • Fixed the problem that the scene could not be executed when the trigger condition was “all conditions are met” and the trigger device was sensor.
V1.7.0 what's new

V1.7.0 what’s new

New features:
•Added support for playing TextToSpeech audio in Scene actions.

•Support for configuring multiple ports when running add-on.
•Optimized the add-on installation progress indication.

Bug fixes:
•Fixed the bug of incorrect display of device operation logs and debug logs.

V1.6.2 what's new

V1.6.2 (2023.05.26)

New features

  • We’ve added a volume management feature on Docker, now you can create or delete volumes, as well as specify a volume for an add-on before running it.

  • Now you can configure environment variables, commands, and volume parameters for add on before running it.


  • Now you can check your password on the login page by clicking the display button.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the delay issue of smart scenes.
  • Fix the problem that zigbee map cannot be displayed after adding some third-party zigbee devices.

Known issue

  • There is a bug in the current version, when you create a scene, if you set the scene timed hour=7h later, minutes=minutes of the current time, the scene will trigger immediately, for example, current time 00:15, set time 07:15 will trigger the scene immediately, please avoid this in this version. We’ll fix this bug as soon as possible.
V1.6.0 what's new

V1.6.0 (2023.05.12)

We are dedicated to expediting the release of eWeLink CUBE updates to provide more new features and address known issues, especially those related to TF card compatibility, which we have received frequent feedback on recently.

Today, we are rolling out the V1.6.0 update for it. Let’s take a look at what’s new and what has been fixed:

New features

  • Added Pilot Features menu, in which a new feature Zigbee2CUBE is available, allowing you to add non-Zigbee 3.0 devices.
  • The time on iHost will automatically switch between daylight saving time and standard time.


  • Uninstalled add-ons can be removed from the add-on list.
  • The webUI of HomeBridge and Node-RED is accessible on their detail pages.
  • Mute system volume with one press on the mute button.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed known TF-card related issues.
  • Resolved loading failure of eWeLink Smart Home Add-on WebUI.
  • Fixed the length limitation for email address input on the feedback page.

Here are the two points we would like to expand on:

First, we have fixed the known TF card compatibility issues.

Since the release of V1.5.5 two weeks ago, we have received feedback from nearly 20 kind users, and we greatly appreciate their understanding and collaboration in resolving these issues. Among the reported issues, TF card-related issues have been the most common, including:

  • Previously working TF cards became incompatible after updating to V1.5.5.
  • The prompt to format the TF card after updating to V1.5.5 leads to an unsuccessful formatting loop.
  • Continuous “checking if the card is inserted” or “loading add-on” after updating to V1.5.5.

In V1.6.0, we have optimized the card loading process, improved the startup sequence of Docker, most importantly further enhanced TF card compatibility by referring to multiple specifications from the SD Association. Our goal is to ensure that TF cards from any brand, as long as they are manufactured strictly in accordance with the SD Association’s standards and have a speed class of 10 or higher, can work seamlessly with the eWeLink CUBE-powered localized smart home platform, like the iHost.

Of course, achieving this is no easy task, and it will take a long adventure journey to reach the other side, we hope that you guys can join us in making this happen together.

Secondly, Zigbee2CUBE provides the ability to be compatible with NON-ZigBee 3.0 standard protocol devices.

One frequently asked question is, ‘Why can’t I add my XYZ Zigbee devices to iHost?’

This is another compatibility issue, specifically regarding compatibility with non-ZigBee 3.0 standard devices. Alexxie, has posted a topic on the forum to explain and clarify the compatibility of Zigbee devices. Despite this task’s challenges and time-consuming nature, we have decided to take the move and provide the ability to be compatible with NON-ZigBee 3.0 standard protocol devices.

Therefore, in V1.6.0, we will provide a new add-on called Zigbee2CUBE through Pilot Features to meet this capability. It is important to note that the disclosed pilot features are still under development and intended for users willing to preview, try them out, and collaborate with us in shaping them before their public release, These features may lack important functionality, undergo future breaking changes, or be removed or replaced in later updates based on comprehensive considerations. It is highly recommended not to use them for running production workloads.

That’s for the V1.6.0 update. We can’t wait for you guys to download, install, and experience it.
Please feel free to share your feedback, issues, and ideas with us.

V1.5.5 what's new

V1.5.5 (2023.05.06)

-Fixed some issues about TF card formatting failure.
-Optimized the formatting procedure of TF card.
-Added the ability to automatically detect and fix disk issues.
-Enhanced recovery mechanism for Docker after unexpected power failure or system crash.

V1.5.0 what's new

V1.5 (2023.04.10)

eWeLink CUBE has been updated to version 1.5 with the following updates.

New features:

1. Zigbee network map
The Zigbee network map provides a visual representation of the network topology of a Zigbee network.

2. System log
Now you can choose to enable or disable the system logs on the system settings page.

3. eWeLink CUBE introduction
Added an introduction button about eWeLink CUBE at the bottom left.

Features Optimization:

  1. Added a “More Info” button to the running add-on, click on it to view the details of the add-on.

  2. Scene feature UI optimized

  3. The firmware version is now displayed on the login page.

  4. Optimized the “forgot password” process.

  5. TextToSpeech added to the open API.


I just updated to 1.5.3, but I don’t see any of the icons and features mentioned in the screenshots and descriptions…

Nevermind, a second reboot did the trick.

Here is how the firmware update process did go at my iHost 2G:

The update itself went quick enough (about 1 or 2 minutes or so), but after that at the Docker page I got an error saying something like “Docker process error”. Last time that happened it was enough to remove and re-insert the Micro SD card, but this time it kept on scanning the card for ages.

I did a reboot from within the iHost UI, but after that the boot process did hang (red moving bar for ages. I had to remove the power and re-power it to get it running again.

So after that it did run with reported firmware version 1.5.3, but without the new features. A second reboot from within the UI did the track to get the new features.

I guess you guys need to check the update process. I also read about another person wo got the yellow blinking bar for 30 minutes untill he cut and reattached the power. The update process is not smoothly.

The current system upgrade should not take Addon running on SD-cards into account, so it may cause some problems.

Before the upgrade, we need to confirm that it stop all Adons before upgrade the system - it may avoid these accidents.

Bekommt man Update automatisch oder? Ich habe immer noch 1.4.1. wenn ich gehe über link zeigt immer falsche Passwort oder User. Da durch bekommen ihost nicht im ewelink app. Bitte um Hilfe,ist das Hardware oder Software Problem?

You need to link eWeLink account first and then click on the update button, please make sure the network iHost connected is working properly.

Das ist Problem, ich kann nicht ewelink app mit ihost verknüpfen, alles ausprobiert, zurückzetzen hat nicht geholfen, über all im Netzwerk angeschlossen, direkt am Router,linux, Windows, Android pc. Nicht hat geholfen.

Laut deinem letzten screenshot existiert entweder dein account nicht oder du verwendest das falsche Passwort.

Aber wenn ich instalire über docker ewelink da läuft mein ewelink konto.

Das muss Fehler im Software sein.

Bitte teilen Sie mir die iHost-device-id und Ihr eWeLink-Konto mit. Sie können mir eine Nachricht senden, indem Sie auf mein Profil klicken.

Haben sie ein Lösung?

Yes! :partying_face: With the Zigbee2CUBE, my IKEA Tradfri ON/OFF Switch E1743 was now recognised by the iHost. The device is not yet supported, but what is not can still become. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your hard work and effort to make iHost better and better!

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I started the upgrade from 1.5.5 to 1.6.0 and the iHost is in that stage, the front led is blinking orange, for over two hours.
How much do I have to wait?
Can I interrupt the process with turning off and on, what bad could happen?

Thank you for the infos on 1.6.0
First of all I am happy to report, that the SanDisk 128GB Extreme now works again.
I like the Lab feature and believe this will drastically raise acceptance for the iHost.
Personally I am hoping for features that give me more configuration abilities for the docker containers. Or at least a shell access for containers. I am aware that I got my iHosts as early access, which means ‘beta’. And I have seen the road map and know that the team is constantly developing for this nice device. So I’ll lean back and wait. As for my other iHost (I have two), I am tempted to choose the MaskROM option. We’ll see.
In the meantime I’d like to thank all developers and staff for the excellent and open communication.

Two additional requests:

  1. Visibility option for password field on login screen
  2. reverse colors for “Cancel” and “Done”. Cancel is the dominant color at the moment, but users tend to expect “ok” to be dominant (and cancel a secondary option). Actually “Done” isn’t the optimal word here, because it isn’t “done” until I have clicked the button. A simple “ok” might be better.

Please add a download indicator or so that I know the iHost is downloading an update. It did cost me a lot of efforts to find out what was occupying the full download speed of my rather slow DSL connection. Download connections to Cloudflare.net in Wireshark analysis didn’t make it much more clear either.

Only shortly after the the download stopped a red dot at the Settings icon and Settings page of the iHost appear to indicate an update can be applied.

On the Settings page the icon is also wrong. The icon indicates a download, but in fact it already downloaded it and asks whether you want to apply it. It would be best to have a setting in which you can say whether you want to download updates, download and apply updates automatically or only get notifications about updates and manually initiate the download.


I see the Ihost now finally shows the correct Daylight Savings Time! :sunglasses:

But Docker is still providing UTC times instead of the selected timezone which is inconvenient for making time based automations. :frowning_face:
At Wrong timezone · Issue #48 · node-red/node-red-docker · GitHub I see this might be solved by adding parameters to the start of the Docker container, but on the iHost I can’t manage the startup parameters…

startup parameters - It will be available later this month


Hi, Please try following steps see if it’s works,
Power off the iHost
Unplug the card
Power on
Initiate the OTA
Plug the card back in after the OTA success

If the issue still exists, please send the logs to us and we will check what’s happened.

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