Unable to pair supported ewelink devices

I have purchased ihost and my first attempt to pair an ewelink was no successful. I have TP-Link X50 which I connect using ethernet cable my ihost. So ihost and eweling devices are in the same network. When I try to pair devices, the countdown continues without finding any results… any ideas?

hi, what devices did you try to pair?
zigbee devices can ba paired directly to iHost, while Wi-Fi devices need to be sync via eWeLinkSmartHome add-on 【Add-on Guide】eWeLink Smart Home

I understand, thank you. I was under the impression that all devices could be managed locally, not via the cloud. So, if Wi-Fi devices require cloud connection, what is the advantage of purchasing WeLink devices over other Zigbee ones…?

Some Sonoff wifi devices are cloud-only, these devices do not have a LAN mode and can only work when they have access to the Internet. Others have LAN mode, but they need to be provided with local scenes if necessary…

Sonoff zigbee devices can function both in the cloud and in LAN mode + local scenes, both in the case of iHost and Sonoff Zigbee Bridge.

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