Does iHost fully replace the Ewelink cloud?

After the recent problem with RF Bridge, I decided that I no longer want to use the ewelink cloud because it is too dangerous, but I would still like to use Sonoff devices operating on WiFi (mini, TH, basic, s26 etc.), but controlling them only locally, without clouds. Will iHost allow me to do this?

Today… no.

But there is chance that it will do it… soon.

It would be something very desirable because Sonoff smart home equipment is of good quality, but addiction to the cloud and the associated potential security threats make us afraid to use it more and more often…

What you are looking for is iHost (cube), a device that is supposed to act as a local cloud. It is supposed to communicate with devices that have LAN functions and support local scenes.

The problem is that not every Sonoff device is compatible with iHost and this is unlikely to change. Sonoff devices that do not have LAN mode do not work with iHost… for example DW2-WiFi.

This would require new firmware that would add a LAN mode to such a device, but I don’t hear that the company has anything like that planned.

So the only option for you right now is iHost and the list of compatible devices… everything else will still be at the mercy of the cloud.

The devices you mentioned are compatible with iHost (CUBE):
S26 Series
TH Elite/Origin

In fact, compatibility with devices without LAN functionality is already on iHost’s roadmap. For devices without LAN functionality, iHost plans to connect to the eWeLink cloud server to control and receive device status via docker add on.

It should be noted that the use of cloud services is not the same as a complete dependence on cloud operation, iHost scenarios and device control logic is carried out entirely by its local computing, away from the cloud service, the device control part of the impact is only the non-LAN-capable devices.