iHost impression

Finally, I found some time to deal with iHost as well.

The impression “A big bite for Sonoff, but a small one for end users!?!”

I started immediately from the impression, which is extremely subjective, but let me try to explain it.

iHost compact device that enables the management of smart devices - “local server of smart devices”.
It is powered by eWeLink CUBE, which, supported by Docker, enables expansion of existing capabilities by adding Add-ons.

By default, it supports direct connection and management of Zigbee devices in a local environment (without internet), all Sonoff devices with software version 1.7.0 (for the Sonoff devices that I own), while Pilot Features offers Zigbee2CUBE with which you can also connect Zigbee devices from other manufacturers, but with limited control of the attributes of the devices themselves, mostly only On and Off.

The possibility without internet, I provide you with safe and stable work in the premises, but it does not give the possibility of controlling devices from a remote point, which is mainly the need of the user (the devices are not visible on your eWeLink account).

On your eWeLink, only iHost is visible from the eWeLink application, which only gives you information about the device and does not offer any ability to control devices connected to iHost.

With the Add-on ewelink/ewelink-smart-home and ewelink/paral-sync, you get the possibility to add existing Sonoff devices from the eWelink account to the iHost, although the story is not yet complete - you cannot add ZB Bridge Pro.

By adding Sonoff devices from the eWelink account, you get the possibility to control them from the premises via iHost and via the Internet via the eWeLink application. I note that in both cases the Internet is required, which is not a problem for most users.

Also, by adding the add-on nodered/node-red, you can use Node-Red, which allows you to control the device perfectly, but again locally.

iHost supports the possibility of creating scenarios with a very limited set of criteria and control options.

There is also a Cast bar.

Based on the above, this is my impression! A platform that has great potential, but apart from the hardware part, a lot of effort and work is necessary to complete the whole and put it into serious use.

When I look at the iHost Roadmap, which Sonoff digests in front of me, I conclude that the Weather Forecast Add-on and Tasmota Add-on should have been finished already…we’ll see.

And finally, most importantly, in this text I gave my subjective impression of iHost, with the intention of helping, not criticizing what has been done so far.

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