Sonoff iHost and Ewelink APP

Ho installato da poco Sonoff iHost, un piccolissimo Server con Grandi Possibilità.
Hanno messo insieme le potenzialità di Home Assistant e Smart Things.
Ma com’è tutte le cose all’inizio ci sono le prime criticità…
Ho aggiunto 2 sensori ad iHost, 1 sensore Temperatura e 1 Sensore Pir, ma non riesco a Visualizzarli sulla App di EWELINK e questo significa che non posso UTILIZZARLI & VISUALLIZZARLI da REMOTO oltre al Fatto che se non sono visti Da eWeLink APP NON POSSONO ESSERE NEMMENO UTILIZZATI CON ALEXA AMAZON & GOOGLE HOME.

I recently installed Sonoff iHost, a very small Server with Big Possibilities.
They have combined the potential of Home Assistant and Smart Things.
But as is all things, at the beginning there are the first critical points…
I added 2 sensors to iHost, 1 Temperature sensor and 1 Pir sensor, but I can’t view them on the EWELINK App and this means that I can’t USE & VIEW THEM REMOTELY besides the fact that if they are not seen From the eWeLink APP THEY CAN’T EVEN BE USED ​​WITH ALEXA AMAZON & GOOGLE HOME.

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Sure, cause ihost is meant to work locally. Ewelink is based on cloud.

I hope in a one solution by Sonoff Team.
because To have two systems whit the same devices but whit two interfaces separately it’s a few practices

I suspect when they have Matter support you will be able to control them as long as you have a matter controller from Amazon/Google. Think the iHost will be just a router and can’t control stuff.

I’m actually here to figure out what “docker process error” means. It’s forgotten all my wifi devices as well as my homebridge link. I don’t think there is a terminal so I can’t even begin to try to figure out what is happening.

Incidentally you can connect Google Assitant and Alexa to Home Assistant, which is also a local platform. Much easier with a paid subscription though. Suspect it could also be done here, although with faff.

I’ve installed Docker Compose. Suspect this is why now nothing works. There might already be an invisible compose somewhere. Also would need a terminal. Not clear which is best.

Appears not. Now it has decided no SD card is inserted again. It almost made a whole day without doing this. I will now try a 3rd card.

Nope “formatting failed”: back to card 2.