iHost/ewelink cube - Suggestions for improvements

I have ihost just few days, lot of great work was already done but I think that still lot of work needs to be done to make it a great device. I am sorry if in some point I am not right but from my testing and my point of view:

  1. Not possible to chose same device more than one time in the scene. (for example: device1 on, delay 5s, device1 off)

  2. Not possible to run/choose manual scene in automatic scene setup (as it is in ewelink app)

  3. Zigbee devices connected to the ihost not possible to control remotely through ewelink app (want to use ewelink app for everything, do not want to use add on and others)

  4. No charts possible to assign in ihost cast for TH/TH ELITE even though they are measuring temperature and humidity. Not possible to see/download temp and humidity records on ihost.

  5. Not possible to find LAN devices under the different subnet. For example ihost is connected to 192.168.1.x but when devices are on on subnet 192.168.2.x ihost is not possible to see even though that these two networks are reconnected through router port forwarding

  6. Have sunrise/sunset in the scenes will be also great

  7. Understand that this was developed primary as local device (finally you need to connect to the ewelink servers due to the updates, LAN devices adding through ewelink add-on and so on) but why to limit it so much and do not fully reconnect it with ewelink app (notifications, devices control atc.), if somebody want to use it only local it can, but if somebody like me want to have control when I left home, why not?

  8. Temperature in ihost CAST is not showing decimal numbers, cloud ihost show them

  9. Smart security alarm triggering is not working (for example: if I set alarm triggered by RF water leakage sensor nothing happens, no alarm, but directly on RF device I see that device was triggered)


The iHost should have a functional Matter support for Google Home, Alexa and Homekit and works with more Aqara devices.

That’s how it is. With the new version of the eWeLink CUBE Version
1.12.0, in the i-HOST we still cannot choose the same device more than once within a scene.
The same thing happens with having dawn or dusk as a trigger in the scenes. The latter would be fantastic.
And also the temperature in i-HOST CAST does not show even a decimal number, only integers.

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this problem criples ihost its dead weight bcs of this unability to chose a device 2 times in action

I totally agree. Version updates continue and it is still a very serious error, because it remains there

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