iHost & eWeLink Better Integration

Ok we understand that iHost has been produced so that we can have local control over our devices without needing to rely on the internet or the eWeLink app. However at this stage it is not possible for iHost to act as a fully “Stand Alone” server without eWelink for a number of reasons that I’m sure the Technical People at Sonoff will resolve in the future as they are very good at listening to users and implementing solutions to meet our requirements. I think that from my own experience with iHost the following things need urgent attention:

  1. The ability to add wi-fi devices in iHost without the need to use eWeLink
  2. The ability to update device (wi-fi and Zigbee) firmware in iHost
  3. The visibility of iHost paired Zigbee devices in eWeLink and the ability to adjust some functions eg for TRVZB being able to change the Auto, Manual, OFF, Smart Schedule entries and Target Temperatures.
  4. Full support in iHost for wi-fi devices such as Sonoff TH10/ TH16. these images show the eWeLink UI for TH10:

and this is the iHost UI for the same device:

a number of the eWeLink functional features of the device (being able to switch auto/ manual, temperature schedules) have not been implemented in the iHost eWeLink Smart Home add on.

Please Sonoff give us some better integration between the platforms for these great products.


Hi. I had the same complaints with same problems and same questions from iTead. It helped nothing. I put my iHost back in its box and sold it. Its rubbish.

Hi, thanks for sharing your experience. I’m sure iTead/ Sonoff will develop the product further and iron out the niggles- the latest release of software allows the TRVZB status to be included in a scene IF. Mine works really well to locally control our heating system but it’s the inconvenience of having to use a mismatch of platforms and the internet to carry out some basic administration tasks- it sort of defeats the bigger picture for iHost-- this kind of thing is one of the problems of buying a product in its early stages

Hi. I had about 20 automations that worked with motion sensors activate lights at different times, mornings and afternoons…well that was a fuckup. The only automations that worked 99% of the time, were time beased automations. The iHost is still too dumb for motion sensors.

I don’t think they can ever synchronise devices with the eWeLink app because it will soon be a Matter Hub, so it would have devices from Apple, Amazon etc. and if it did connect with eWeLink it would also need to share these devices in addition to local Zigbee devices.

eWeLink web on the iHost however I can see. That would just require a device that is already connected to the internet to display a web page. That could then be displayed as an option on dashboards. It’s probably already possible with the ‘custom tiles’ if you could be bothered. That way everything would be in one place.