iHost scenes useless

I hope you are aware how limited scenes on iHost are.
First of all, there must be some bug because sometimes to add new scene I have to reboot iHost - add button not responding, info input tittle appears but there is no scene on the screen.
You can’t use twice the same device in one scene (it is possible in ewelink app). So if you want turn on some switch, make a delay and turn it off, it is not possible.
You can’t use manual scene as a trigger in smart scene (it is possible in app).
I know that inching does not apply to scenes but it would be helpful if you could add it to devices.
All these problems give the impression that the iHost is not a local hub because to do anything you still have to use app which is cloud solution. That is why I’m using HA to make all automations. In my case iHost also doesn’t work as a Zigbee hub because zigbee devices connected to iHost are not visible in HA (I know Homebridge can solve the problem). And I’ve read many posts that HA is not your problem but with so many limitation in ewelink cube you don’t give users a choice.
So far now it doesn’t even make sense to install ewelink add on it. For me it’s just work as HA server.
Please try to improve all the limitations or just say you are on your own and install linux on it.
I bouht iHost a few month ago because I was hoping it’ll have similar functionality as ewelink app and I’ll not need any other apps zigbee briges or HA, but I was wrong.
And I’m not trying to be offensive I’m just trying to point out the problems (maybe in offensive way).



I share your pain. I bought the iHost as an alternative to HA, because if I want to use HA, there is a lot of alternatives much better by the same price (NanoPi, GK3V Pro, and others).

For me, the most annoying think in iHost is the lack of compatibility with zigbee devices. If them simply put the zigbee2mqtt to work would solve all problems.

With iHost, I am doing all the automations using Node Red. It works fine, but there is some limitations yet. I suggest you to use it for more complex automations.

For DIY, I am using ESPHome. I did a tutorial teaching how to integrate and use it with NodeRed:

iHost: Using ESPHome on NodeRed (without Home Assistant

I agree that iHost at the moment is very limited.

But as @Julhio pointed out, deploy Node Red for complex scenes. Use Homebridge to expose devices to Google Assistant, Alexa and HomeKit.

Like OP pointed out, the Zigbee Compatibility add on being a dud has been the biggest letdown.

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For sure, with homekit you can access on cloud too, what’s now I don’t know how to do with NodeRed.

In addition, I tried to use the Google Home with NodeRed with node-red-contrib-googlehome (not Nora), but I had no success until now.

What I think would be good is if we can create buttons for the Cast to trigger actions inside the NodeRed. Now it can only be done using sensors.

I agree with all you say, especially the above points. Those limitations are significant and make no sense. I’m returning my iHost to the supplier for a refund.