Ewelink android vs ihost.local

Why ihost can’t be controlled, configured in ewelink app?
Why no options in ihost.local to receive notifications (exp for door sensors) on phone, laptop,…?

Because the eWeLink CUBE is a localized system, it does not transfer any data to the eWeLink Cloud, so it has no connection to the eWeLink app.

iHost is positioned to allow users to connect and manage devices locally, and you can see that we are working hard to make it more compatible with different brands of zigbee devices - as a result, we cannot guarantee that these connected devices will be compatible with the eWeLink cloud and the eWeLink app.

Thank you for answer, and sure that you work hard, bon courage !!
Its very great that no cloud connection and ihost is a super and very nice idea and product.
I am not a développer, but i think there is a way, to make ihost sending notifications (its important i think, smarthome-security),
And to create android/iphone based application (iWelink) working as casting page.
In web browser ihost.local is not pratique, confusing.
I know that needs a lot of work, and hope that it will be done.

Thank you!


You can try using ihost’s Matter bridge feature. It connects ihost to apple home, Alexa, google home and SmartThins matter networks - so you can receive notifications from ihost on those apps

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I don’t really understand how to do that, but i will try to search about :melting_face:
Thank you

why when my ihost online, and i am registering new device with ewelink, the device can be registered but the device show offline in ewelink app. only when i turn off ihost, only then the device show as online.

Waiting for updates !! :melting_face:

Hello, what is the model number of the device that shows offline?

Well… it doesn’t. Connections are crippled and unstable, if possible at all.

More détails please how. I havent iphone.