IHOST CUBE ver 1.13.3 vs app Ewelink

Hi, I recently purchased IHOST and, after updating eWeLink CUBE to Version 1.13.3, the IHOST device does not appear in the Ewelink app.
In the IHOST settings there is no connection line to the Ewelink user. What can I do? Thank you

Nothing. It’s by design. However, you can log in to your eWeLink account in the eWeLink Smart Home add-on.
iHost is a local server (it works without the eWeLink cloud), the Zigbee devices connected to it are not visible in the application. If you want to have these devices in the cloud, connect them to the cloud using the app and the Zigbee gateway. Then they will also be visible in iHost via add-on, but will not be controlled locally. You have to choose the solution that is more beneficial for you.

Thank you.
Just purchased, ihost had the version. 1.7 and I was able to add ihost and see the subfolders. As ever with the vers. 1.13.3 Has this possibility been eliminated?

You’re welcome.

Subfolders? What do you have on mind?