Problema ihost

Good morning,
can anyone help me?
I have an ihost, it is connected to my network
my first problem is:
ihost does not appear on my phone’s eWeLink.
second problem:
I have a sonoff zigbee temperature and humidity sensor on ihost paired in my iOS application and it is not visible (I can only find it on devices on the ihost platform). third problem:
if you disconnect the internet fiber, no equipment works even with the ihost connected to Ethernet.
help me please

  1. iHost will not show up in the application as it is a local server. There is no need for it to show up.
  2. Can you be more specific? What did you pair the sensor with? Are you using add-ons in IHost? Which add-ons are you using?
  3. if the devices stop working when you turn off internet access it means they are not connected to iHost. What are these devices? Are they Zigbee or WiFi?

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Please, make a screenshot of your eWeLink Smart Home screen and post it here.

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Please, open your eWeLink Smart Home add-on and make a screenshot of your eWeLink Smart Home screen and post it here.

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In the fragmented screenshot, I can see that the synchronised devices are WiFi devices, in LAN mode. You may still have Zigbee devices, but you can’t see them because the whole picture is missing. In theory, any device connected to the eWeLink cloud with LAN mode enabled should be visible in iHost with the Smart Home add-on installed. Assuming that both the iHost and the devices are on the same network, disconnecting from the internet (cloud) should not prevent control of these devices.

What happens when your phone is connected to WLAN and the internet connection is turned off (router disconnected from fibre)? Can you control the devices from the application on the phone?

When I turn off the internet and only with the main router connected, my Sonoff equipment has a blinking LED indicating that it is no longer connected to the cloud.

The iHost is a waste of money and does not work. I also had a lot of problems and asked a lot of questions. I had 53 devices on with 48 of them in LAN mode. 14 motionbased automations. What a fuckup. I packed it back in its box and went back to eWelink cloud. You are wasting your time by asking for help on the forum and at helpdesk.

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Blinking can mean both a loss of connection to the cloud and to the WiFi network. This is confusing and makes no sense when there is such a thing as LAN mode. One would have to ask eWeLink why they came up with it that way. That, however, is a separate issue.
I have disconnected several WiFi devices from internet access. The LEDs started to blink. Control via the cloud was no longer possible (e.g. via eWeLink Web). However, despite the blinking, I was able to switch devices on and off in an app on a phone connected to the same network. Control in LAN mode was also possible from Home Assistant with integration installed. It’s a Home Assistant custom component for controlling Sonoff devices with eWeLink (original) firmware over LAN and/or Cloud. It was exactly the same with iHost, which I used for several months. Why is it different in your case? It could be like that if the iHost and the devices were on different WiFi networks. However, you indicated that they are on the same network. I have no idea at the moment. Maybe someone has had a similar problem and found an explanation and an effective solution?

Yes, it is indeed :handshake:

The iHost is well designed on the hardware side. In theory, it has everything a home automation server needs. A great example of engineering :sparkles:
On the software side, it is like a girl being not quite pregnant. This could be understood and tolerated at the beginning, but over time it became unbearably annoying. Simply put, the potential of eWeLink is too small to cope with what is after all an ambitious task. It doesn’t even measure up to the potential of Home Assistant, because it doesn’t have the strength and support of the community. The eWeLink staff have underestimated the seriousness of the task they have set themselves. This is a shame.


ihost is not doing anything. It’s as if there wasn’t a Zigbee hub installed! My eWeLink iCloud, I don’t have the ihost hub visible on mine. The cloud does not exist. (Logically I cannot create scenarios of ZigBee equipment with my eWeLink cloud) any and all ZigBee modules that pair on my ihost hub I will not be able to create scenarios with them, the ihost is only on the Ethernet network I have already created several scenarios on the ihost platform and nothing happens!

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Let’s recap, because, frankly, I got lost in your explanation.

iHost is not just a hub. It is a server to which you can connect Zigbee devices and control them locally, without the cloud. You can also control WiFi devices synchronised with iHost, if they have LAN mode enabled there and are on the same network. You won’t see iHost in the cloud (including in the app on your phone) because it is a local server and there is nothing you can control through the cloud. After all, it’s logical. If you want to control Zigbee devices in the cloud (including scenes), you don’t need anything like iHost. You need a Zigbee bridge.

Ethernet (cable) and WiFi (radio) are not separate networks. They are technologies commonly used in local area networks (LANs). From the point of view of any network client (a device connected to the same router as other devices), the way it communicates is irrelevant.

It means that you have configuration errors.

I’ve read what you wrote again, and I don’t grasp your problem. I’m sorry but it looks like it comes from misunderstanding what an iHost server is and what it can be used for.

You could not have said it better. Just a pity iHost developers did not read your post.

I don’t understand English if I can speak in French or Portuguese I’ll explain better

Do it in your native language (Portuguese?). I’ll try to grasp it :slight_smile:

All the devices are LAN, just one is ZIGBEE. I created scenarios on IHOST and they don’t work. The installed apps go in annex.

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Do you really need all those add-ons installed? Remove some and stay with the ones that are essential for your goals.
Make a screenshot of an iHost scene that doesn’t work and post it here.