eWelink account linking - cannot see iHost or devices


now that firmware updated I cannot see devices that I have paired with iHost in eWelink app.

What do I have to do so that I can see every device?

BR Joonas

Log in to your eWeLink account in the eWeLink Smart Home add-on.

Thank you for the reply! I have logged in with same account to the addon. iHost finds out the devices I have on my eWelink app on the phone but not vice versa. That whats odd.


Do you mean that you want to see iHost’s subdevices in the eWeLink app?

  • That’s not supported all the time.

Linking your account with iHost was for OTA only before.

That’s not odd at all. As iHost is a local server (it works without the eWeLink cloud), the Zigbee devices connected to it are not visible in the application. If you want to have these devices in the cloud, connect them to the cloud using the app and the Zigbee gateway. Then they will also be visible in iHost via add-on, but will not be controlled locally. You have to choose the solution that is more beneficial for you.
BTW, the devices are not in the app on the phone. They are in the cloud. The app is only the front-end and allows control. WiFi devices work both in the cloud and in LAN mode. This means they can be switched on/off without internet access, within the WLAN. Scenes in LAN mode do not work, as you need the eWeLink cloud for this.