SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Ultra, wifi LAN devices control

Hello, new to the automation scene.
Have a question, I’m to the point where I want to try out Zigbee.
Will the Bridge Ultra, give me the capability to locally control my old sonoff wifi devices?
Please advise

The answer is short - no, it won’t. As the name indicates, it’s a Zigbee bridge.

So… the only one managing local scenes remains the iHost, correct? But by inserting the devices into iHost we will lose control from the Ewelink App, being able to manage them remotely only via Alexa or Echo, right too? Thanks for the help

There are lots of ways to control SONOFF Wi-Fi devices locally; iHost + CUBE is one of them. If you have other platforms with integration using eWeLink API, like Home Assistant, that will work, too.

But you won’t be able to utilize Matter features without iHost for these Wi-Fi devices, which would help you to build local scenes from other ecosystems like Apple.

No, you will have control in both ways.

OPS… I missed something?..if you insert zigbee devices in iHost they are not seen in ewelink…right?

I was mainly talking about Wi-Fi devices.

For Zigbee, yes they won’t be exposed to eWeLink app

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To the Sonoff staff,
Is this a feature that you plan to add in the future?
The ability to expose Sonoff WIFI devices to the Bridge Ultra?