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I read on diffrents websites that the new iHost local server is compatible with all eWeLink devices that support LAN mode, but on the Sonoff website the list of supported devices includes only the latest device versions (BasicR2/R3, 4ChR3, …). What’s about previous device versions (BasicR1, 4ChR2, …) which also support LAN mode ?


Hi there, could you take screenshots to show me the Device ID of your Basic R1, and 4CH R2? You can take the sreenshot on the Device Settings page. Thank you.

Thank you for yout support.
See here after the screenshots

Thanks so much for the screenshots. Both of your BasicR1, 4ChR2 can be added to iHost. You can have a try.

Great. Thank you for your help

Hi, Thanks you for your support, please I need to know

Since the iHost supports the devices that support LAN, can I make a Scene between the Zigbee sensor and Wi-Fi device in the iHost locally? I mean can I create a Scene if the door operand (SNZB-04 ZigBee Sensor) then turns on the light (TX1C)?

Thanks in advance


SNZB-04 and TX Series are supported by iHost, so it should be OK.
Note iHost integrates both WI-FI and ZigBee, so you don’t need extra device (like Zigbee Bridge) to create your scene.

Ihost Ordered, New products of ihost hopefully not let me disappointed like NSpanel

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Hi there, such a scene works in iHost. You can give a try.

I got my iHost and I encountered my first situation, so I can’t add RF devices. Please tell me how and when you want integrate them, oh and how about WiFi sensors? At this time the RF bridge is not supported:

Because not all SONOFF products support LAN mode, the list of devices that currently support LAN access is here (Include a schedule of devices expected to be supported):https://ewelink.cc/ewelink-cube/supported-device/wifi/

The RF Bridge is not on the supported list because it does not support the LAN mode to connect devices to ihosts locally

Nevertheless the RF Bridge supports LAN mode (see below), so why it’s not supported by the iHost ?

If the App can control RFBrdige on the LAN, then it is possible to access devices via Addon on the LAN - we will confirm this and update the support list and support schedule soon.

So I am asking you will I be ever abble to use my DW2-WiFi sensors or RF-PIR sensors with the iHost, yes or no?

@Alexie Let me take over from here,

Hey, @mezeibela63,
The protocols for RF devices are a little different, but YES, we plan to support RF devices to sync into iHost, there are lots of protocol adaptation work to be done, and if all goes well, we can expect a release in June.

I’m glad to hear this kind of news, it’s music to my ears. I have lots of automation based on RF or WIFI sensor as triggers and I’m sure lots other home automation enthusiasts too.

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