SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Ultra - iHost compatibility?

What compatibility with iHost offers this new Bridge?

Can I use Zigbee2CUBE with it? Can I pair Philips Hue bulbs and switches?

Can I use sound alarm option when creating scenes on iHost?

How many end devices can I connect directly?

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256 according to the product page:

They are standalone products ATM, one focuses more on local scenes, and the other acts more like Bridge P.

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I was hoping that you will tell me bit more than I already know from itead website.

I ordered 2x Zigbee Bridge Ultra and will check what they are worth.

Main advantage for me is LAN connection.

They also have Zigbee Turbo Mode

Please provide a full report. I am curious if through it all ZigBee devices will be accessible both via web and iHost as it should already directly through iHost (but we are beta tester as already stated).

Will do.

Now waiting for the delivery.

You should note that ZBBridge-U currently only supports SONOFF branded zigbee devices!! If you’re looking to add a third-party brand device to use together, it’s not for you.

We have been working to make ihost support and compatible with more third-party devices. However, ZBBrdige-U’s sub-devices need to be synced to the cloud, so there is no compatibility support for all kinds of things - currently it only supports SONOFF branded products, as well as some white branded products labeled “eWeLink support”.

I know… but thanks for reminder.

I have read all info from Sonoff and Itead about this device.

Main reason is LAN connection and Zigbee Turbo mode which should improve range.

Last reason is the number of devices which I can connect to it. But I’m not sure about the number of connected end devices.

All info about it is unclear for me. It say only 256 devices… but how?

The same way like with ZigBee Bridge Pro? or different way.

It would be great if I could connect more end devices directly to this new Bridge U.

I only have Sonoff devices connected to iHost or Sonoff cloud.

But I’m looking for option for the future to connect Philips Hue system to Sonoff.

That looks like a theoretical figure.

You may need a specific portion of Zigbee router in your network to support such a large number of devices. And some devices only connect to the coordinator not the router, which makes the figure hard to achieve.

HA has well-documented this thing, it’s basically limited by chipset and zigbee tech itself.

Thank you for answer.

From what I learned recently the number of directly connected devices to ZBBridge-U is 32.

This is big change comparing to ZBBridge-P 10 devices connected directly.

For me 32 is enough as I will use 2 x ZBBridge-U which give me 64 total.

64 battery-powered devices? Cuz when you add a new router device, the volume will increase. Zigbee itself discourages star-shape network

32 per one ZBBridge-U. This is more than I need today.

But standard 10 direct devices limit with one ZBBridge-P is not enough for me.

So… from my perspective this is huge advantage of ZBBridge-U.

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