Ihost and Sonoff Zigbee Bridge Pro and Philips Hue Smart-Knop

I was told that sonoff was fully Philips Hue compatible now. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Unfortunally we are not able to sync with :
Not with: Ewelink- Zigbee bridge and Hue Smart-Knop
Not with Ihost and Hue Smart-Knop

What i am missing here?

Thx for the feedback. May I ask where did you see this?

In which way did you attempt to add Hue devices to eWeLink?

For iHost (runs eWeLink CUBE) can add Hue Lights via Zigbee without Hue Bridge, and support for dimmers/buttons is coming.

Please note SONOFF iHost and eWeLink Zigbee Bridge could be totally different devices. eWeLink Zigbee Bridge via eWeLink app completes authorization with Hue via cloud, while iHost does not support this method.