Estimate for update the Zigbee Bridge Pro to be compatible with LAN?

Can you give an estimated date for when the Zigbee Bridge Pro will be updated to work with a local area network (LAN)?

Will the ZBPro be accessible from the EwLink app and also work locally with the Ihost? For instance, can it run smart scenes without an internet connection?


We are still working on such a development. expected to be released in Nov update.

Kind reminder,
It is December now!

Hi. Apparently it’s already working. you must have ZbBridge Pro with software (v1.7.1)

Yes true, but,
It only sees 3 out of 4 zigbee devices.
And I can not control it via iHost Zigbee etc

And the 3 sub zigbee devices are in iHost control, but not the Zigbee P bridge itself!

It’s just like nspanel pro.
Ihost doesn’t see it.
And you have to do the configuration via the ewelink application.

But can I still see it in the App, when linked to iHost (instead of direct to LAN)?