Bye Bye ihost

Today I converted all my Zigbee devices from the ihost to HA. So I can say goodbye to my Ihost. The device does not meet my expectations and I can do that much better in HA. I thank the people of Ewelink/sonoff for their help.

I hereby offer an Ihost 4GB RAM and 128 GB micro SD card for 100 euros. Ihost has been updated to version 1.13.7 and is from April 2023
Shipping costs are for the buyer

pm me for more info

thanks for all,



It’s another sad story :frowning_face:

I gave my iHost to a colleague who can be a pain in the ass and whom I don’t particularly like. I let him have his fun :smile:

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I’m also happy/unhappy user of iHost.

How did you manage to connect Sonoff ZigBee devices to HA ???

Well, enchanting and burning midnight oil can be helpful :slight_smile: Seriously, nothing special. I just paired them with ZHA controller. Simple as that.

What do you mean by “ZHA” controller?

I re-registered them all. 27 pieces.

First download and install HACS and then download sonoff and intergrade it.

The ZHA (Zigbee Home Automation) integration
allows you to wirelessly connect many off-the-shelf Zigbee-based devices directly to Home Assistant, using one of the many available Zigbee controllers (coordinators). In my case, it’s SkyConnect from Nabu Casa. But you can use Sonoff’s Zigbee dongles or the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge Pro flashed with Tasmota.

Thanks for the answer and explanation.

I have 2x Sonoff Zignee Bridge Pro… and converting them with Tasmota would solve the problem of all ZigBee Sonoff devices.

But what about Sonoff WiFi devices?

Why give up so early?
I believe the ihost will develop to a great solution.

I will Stick with it at least a year and use HA in combination. Pretty happy with it.


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You can sync them with HACS. I have installed home assistant in docker under iHost and, even if HA in docker is the limited Core one, is more useful than iHost.

I am also near to giving up with my iHost very soon. However I cannot see how someone can buy a 4Gb used one for 100 since I paid it new only 85 euros. 85 euros almost useless!

Early… In my case I pre ordered it and got it very early.

I see some progress that Sonoff did regarding iHost. But this is still far from promise that iHost will replace cloud.

I feel like paying for beta product and Sonoff is experimenting on me.

What I want is that Sonoff should deliver their promise and make iHost to replace the cloud.

I moved most of my scenes from cloud to iHost… but many things still don’t work on iHost so I keep them in the cloud.

Year after iHost was released… it shouldn’t look this way!


In UK you can sell it for ÂŁ40 which is a joke.

I just installed Home Assistant… tried to use Sonoff own tutorial to import devices to HA.

First at all… their own tutorial is outdated and not match current HA version.

Second… after installing it I discovered how limited list of devices is being supported.

It is hard choice… wait until Sonoff developers will wake up and deliver the promise to make iHost full cloud replacement…

or do tasmota on all devices and then try HA again.

At this moment I run some scenes on iHost and some on cloud… as this is the only option to achieve what I wanted.

But this is not what I paid for when ordered my iHost!

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People would have to donate $ to hire a few experienced devs to build us an unofficial alternative to CUBE that would perhaps use DIY mode… :slight_smile:

I still hope that CUBE will be available for download someday and self-hosted without the need to buy iHost. Although, of course, this has nothing to do with the quality of the current condition of CUBE.

The only thing I expect from iHost is fully in 100% replace the ewelink cloud.

I don’t care that it will be done by Sonoff or unofficial but open source project.

I’m happy to pay to community who will run that project and make iHost working.

BTW… iHost backup for scenes… is making print screens !!!
This is what I have to do to make sure that I will be able reconstruct scenes if something will go wrong.

So in XXI century we do print screens to backup $100 device…

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Looking at what has been happening with iHost from the very beginning, I have great doubts whether we will see such a day.

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From my point of view to replace cloud with iHost…

I need full integration of ZBbridge Pro with iHost (to use sound alarm in iHost scenes)

To be able link more than one NSPanel Pro with iHost

To have backup option to protect my scenes in case that something will go wrong with iHost

It is not that much…

Sonoff… can you do this ???

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I would venture to say that another year will pass and all these matters will not be resolved. :slight_smile:

We can do $1 bet

Spend this dollar on ewelink devs, maybe you can motivate them… :slight_smile: