Zigbee devices update via iHost

I wonder if it is possible to update firmware for zignee devices connected to ihost. Currently I’m using Home Assistant OS and I see in ZHA that there is some update for S26R2ZB. Unfortunatelly update via ZHA fails all the time. As you probably know this device is completly unusable and update could help. I dont have any sonoff gateway so iHost is my last chance.

ihost’s ability to support OTAs of connected zigbee devices is under development and is expected to take another quarter to release.

Until then, how do I perform the update?

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Hey, it could be a bug from HA, as the device (also its chipset) DOES NOT support OTA

What does the eWelink app say?

I don’t have any sonoff bridge so I don’t use ewelink app. That’s why I’m curious if this update is avaliable thrue sonoff bridge.

Ah, so you are curious :cat2:

I don’t have this device and I therefore don’t know. With me, the other Sonoffs Zigbee never showed up in HA that they were ready to update. The other thing is that nothing has shown up in the eWeLink app for a long time either :tipping_hand_man:

This OTA functionality appeared in HA ZHA probably less than a month ago. It shows up-to-date for other devices but with S26R2ZB there is posibility to update. But just after I try to update “computer says NO”
By the way I don’t think ZHA is using some sonoff database. As I read somewhere it is using firmware from people who are ready to share.

Potentially dangerous option. I’d rather stick to Sonoff if any updates to Zigbee devices are ever published. So far this has not happened once and that is interesting. Could it be that the code is perfect? I don’t think so.