Sonoff iHost device itself firmware upgrade

Hi All,

I’ve recently purchased a new Sonoff iHost device (Hub\Bridge) and i’m interesting in firmware upgrade.

My device had V1.3 and ive notice v1.10 is available with advanced features.
Nowhere online i could find how to perform the firmware upgrade.

Im not interesting in end-devices such as switches or remotes im specifically interesting in the iHost hub itself!

Thank you!

Go to the iHost settings page and look for “Link eWeLink Account”. Once you have done that, the iHost will show in the eWeLink App on your smartphone. There you can go to “device settings” and update the firmware.

As far as I know, this is still the way to do the upgrade over the air.

iHost Version Updates Information & FAQ - SONOFF Official

Hi, you need to login to your eWeLink account to get the OTA, please go to settings page to link your eWeLink account, once logged in, the new firmware will be pushed to your iHost (you need to manually click the update button)