iHost Update possible from (local) Web UI?


Based on a previous thread[1] updating the iHost requires linking it with eWeLink to obtain OTA updates. However is it also not possible to trigger a firmware update afterwards from the Web UI of iHost?

Do we really need to use the Smartphone app or https://web.ewelink.cc/ to trigger updates?

[1] iHost upgrade firmware without eWeLink? - #4 by TommyNZ

Hi, yes we don’t have the plan to allow update manually on webUI, you need to link with eWeLink account to obtain OTA updates, If you don’t like it, you can unlink it after updating.

OK, thank you that means:
a) Registration is mandatory to get updates
b) Updates can only be triggered via the smartphone app and / or web.ewlink.cc (obviously after restristration)

I’d appreciate if at least the update status / check would be shown on the local Web UI. If I mainly used the iHost from the local Web browser I’ll not see if updates are available or not, that it why :slight_smile:

if there’s an update, there will be an update button after the version number, click on that button and you’ll see the release note and you can decide whether to update.

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Ah, ok I guess my iHost took longer to show the update status compared to the phone app. Cool, that solves my issue then :slight_smile: