Unable to update iHost to v1.8.0 from v1.7.0

v1.8.0 update for iHost is not showing in the ewelink app. It is still showing v1.7.0 as the latest version.

My iHost Device ID is 1001ec3675

Please double-check if there is an update in the iHost console setting.


Hi Daniel,

There is no update in iHost setting page as well. Below is a screenshot:

Try to update the iHost with the Ewelink app. For me worked fine.

Yeah, I unlinked and re-linked my ewelink. It worked. :+1:

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Is there any way to force iShit to update firmware?
I’ve just bought second iShit for my parrents. It has 1.8.0 firmware but I just can’t force it to update. As I’ve mentioned it is my second device so I know how it should work. I’ve tried everything - link and unlink, hard reset, different internet connection with no success. Any ideas?

There was a problem with the OTA server, we have fixed it, please rebind your account and wait a few minutes to receive the new version.