No suggested update from 1.5.5

Why am I still on 1.5.5 and I see post about 1.6.0 and even 1.6.2?

Perhaps, because you haven’t updated yet? :slight_smile:
Indeed the indicator for available updates is on the far right side next to the current version. So it is pretty much out of view. Especially when you use a wide screen.

No, not to be seen!
Also not in the eWelink app (earlier versions were shown here)

Strange. What about now? 1.6.3 is just released. Try unliking and relinking the iHost with your account.

Reboot iHost; It worked for me

I will try this weekend.
Plus, as my iHost is on a remote location, I will add a ewelink switch to the power supply, so i can alway remotely restart :wink:

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